1. Beach Yoga on the Crystal Pier – Summer 2015!

    Find your flow! Celebrate Summer with Pier Yoga May-October on the Crystal Pier at Oceanic Restaurant. Thursday-Sunday, 7:30-8:30am. $10 Cash Only Please visit our class schedule in the event of inclement weather to view most current days and times!  Starts May 1, 2015! Info for Students: Park at Oceanic, and meet us on the Crystal Pier 15 minutes before your class starts. Look for your yoga t…Read More

  2. Holistic Yoga Flow Master Classes with Travis Eliot – July 2014

    Power-Based Yoga for All Levels Travis Eliot is one of the most talked about, hottest stars in the yoga community! The Huffington Post has called his class set “the P90X of yoga” and Wilmington Yoga Center is proud to host Travis Eliot, the mastermind behind “The Ultimate Yogi” to our community for the first time in history! Eliot’s revolutionary power master classes will inspire…Read More

  3. Are Online Yoga Classes a Good Substitute for Going to a Studio?

    It seems every week another website is offering online yoga classes.  These sites are simple …anyone can try a class for free and if satisfied, continue on for a monthly fee with immediate access to an online library of video yoga classes.  So are online yoga instructional websites a good substitute for going to a yoga studio for live instruction? Well yes, and no.  Online yoga videos are…Read More

  4. Those “Funny” Yoga Positions are Truly Good For You

    Whether one has never done yoga, is new to yoga, or has been practicing yoga for a short time, the same question may arise: “What are these poses accomplishing?” When yoga first became popular, people thought it was nothing more than a funny way to exercise. People wonder if yoga is really worth the time and strain. Researchers state time and time again, that not only is yoga a good habit,…Read More

  5. What Are the Benefits of Hot Yoga?

    Is it true that once you go hot, you never will not? Many of the students devoted to hot yoga classes say, yes, it’s definitely true! Once one begins to attend hot yoga classes, they can become quite addictive. And it’s just about the healthiest addiction we can think of! Why Do Yogis Love Hot Yoga? Hot yoga, or the practice of completing asanas in a room that is heated to approximatel…Read More

  6. Benefits Of Doing Yoga- Even Just Once A Week

    Yoga is beneficial for the body, no matter how many days a week you can squeeze it in. If there’s a local yoga studio or gym that offers yoga classes, you may not have the time to attend a one-hour class each day of the week – and that’s okay. Even if you can do yoga once a week, it can make a difference. Meditation and stress-reduction techniques have been proven to treat depression and anx…Read More

  7. Teaching Yoga: Class, Book or DVD?

    If you’re a yoga instructor, most certainly you have considered which means is the best way to help teach proper form. Whether your teaching involves live classes, working as a personal instructor, writing yoga books or creating a series of DVDs, you’re going to run up against a different set of obstacles and challenges. It comes down to a few basic factors. First, you need to find an …Read More

  8. Hot Yoga Class Tips For Any Hot Yoga Class

    As hot yoga classes continue to grow in popularity we have found that students ask lots of the same questions as their curiosity peaks in wanting to try a hot yoga class for the first time.  We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and provided a video that addresses what we hear from our students who want to try a hot yoga class!  If you have any further questions, please feel free …Read More

  9. What to Wear to a Hot Yoga Class

    One of the most common questions we get from our students is what to wear to a hot yoga class to make sure they stay comfortable, safe, and not distracted!  We provide specified hot yoga clothing and accessories for both female and male students at the Wilmington Yoga Center boutique available for our students to try on and try out!  Please let us know if you have any questions about fabrics, cu…Read More

  10. Hot 5Elements Fire Flow Yoga Class at the Wilmington Yoga Center

    Our Hot 5Elements Fire Flow Yoga class is one of four signature HOT yoga classes we offer at the Wilmington Yoga Center! Hot 5Elements Fire Flow is a yoga class focused on strong powerful movements, purification, and building motivation! This energetic practice can help with digestion and detoxification, and helps the mind to break through habitual patterns. Fire represents metabolism, heat, and …Read More