Ali Callahan, RYT200


Executive Director of the Wilmington Yoga Center, Ali has been practicing yoga since 2000 when she took her first therapeutic class. She joined her mother who was in recovery from breast cancer, and was instantly hooked on a practice that can benefit both your body and your mind. After completing her MA in Health Arts & Sciences at Goddard College, Ali decided she wanted to take her practice to the next level and embarked on her yogic journey. Ali graduated from the Evolve Yoga Teacher Training at Porter’s Neck Yoga Spa in 2011, and immediately began her 500-hour Kunga Yoga certification from the Wilmington Yoga Center where she has taken modules in Ayurveda with Hilary Garivaltis, Non-Violent Communication with Elizabeth Banner and Gentle Yoga and Meditation with Donna Gardner. Most recently she completed her Professional Kunga Yoga Leader Apprenticeship under Kristin Cooper. Her influential teachers include Kristin Cooper, Kas Mueller, Noelle Cavenaugh, and Katherine Isben.

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Allison Lloyd, RYT200

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Allison Lloyd received her 220-hour Kunga Yoga Certification after a 3 week immersion during the summer 2014 teacher training. Her journey with yoga began at the Wilmington Yoga Center in 2010 when she attended a free yoga day to explore exactly what this practice involved and to find a physical replacement for high school sports. From then on, she wanted to learn and share the holistic aspects of this practice with friends, family, and anyone who wished to learn more about yoga. She has attended hot yoga classes in Japan and unofficially led classes for fellow travelers while journeying through Asia. The power of yoga to unite people across all different cultures and walks of life is perhaps the most inspiring element to her teaching style and personal practice.
Allison is currently involved with the mentorship program at Wilmington Yoga Center under the tutelage of senior instructors. She teaches Basic Flow classes and often subs other classes whilst working towards her 500-hour certification.

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Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 220Hr Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program with Kristin Cooper and Katie Serino. Amy is completing her Kunga Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training certification, and her Kunga Yoga Mentoring Program under Heather Lilly, and Kristin Cooper. Amy is a trained and certified 5Elements Flow teacher. Amy’s background as a nurse informs her teaching and Amy teaches Gentle, Hot Detox & Hold, Rockin’ Flow, and Core Power Yoga classes.

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Casey Newman

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Casey began her journey with yoga in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the practice. She is a graduate of the 200hr Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program with Heather Metzler ERYT500 and Jamie Annette ERYT200. She is also 5Elements Flow certified. Having been a dancer her entire life, she embraced movement as expression—an aspect she found in her yoga practice as well. During the two years she lived in Scotland, she practiced mainly Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. She also found herself meditating with other travelers she met along the way. The beautiful connections she’s formed through yoga are irreplaceable. Along with bringing balance to life off the mat, the spiritual connections yoga has the power of bringing to all living beings and the natural world is perhaps what excites her most. She loves slow and powerful vinyasa flows, and can be found teaching Beach Yoga, Hot Detox & Hold, and 5Elements Earth Flow.

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Cat Clement

Catherine Clement is a Kunga Yoga Faculty Teaching Assistant. She is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 220Hr Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program with Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Katie Serino and Noelle Cavenaugh, and is currently completing her Kunga Yoga 500 Hour certification. She is also a 5Elements Flow certified teacher, completing her training in Costa Rica with Kristin Cooper & Noelle Cavenaugh.
Catherine is a graduate of UNCW with a double major in Accounting and Finance. She has completed certifications in Thai Yoga Bodywork with Deon De Wet, Hot Detox Vinyasa Flow and Inversion workshops with Katie Serino, ChildLight Yoga Teacher Training certification with Sally Delisle.
She has also studied Non-Violent Communication with Elizabeth Banner, and Ayurveda with Hilary Garivaltis, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda.
Catherine began practicing yoga in 2001 after searching for a way to integrate her gymnastics background into her daily exercise routine but found something so much more than just exercise. Her teachings are interactive and fun, with an emphasis on movement, balance, and strength.
Catherine’s hope is to inspire people of all ages to experience the joy that yoga can bring to a person physically, mentally and spiritually.

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Donna Gardner

Donna Gardner has been practicing yoga and Insight Meditation for over 20 years and is an experienced teacher. She holds a Masters Degree in Dance from New York University, and is an ACE certified personal trainer. In addition, she attended the Graduate School of Social Work at Boston University and recently completed Level I certification in Thai Yoga Bodywork. Whether you are new to practice, returning to it, or enjoying an ongoing practice, please join Donna for classes in which you will receive personal attention to your specific needs and abilities.

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Elizabeth Cramond, ERYT200

Elizabeth was first introduced to yoga by her uncle at age 16 while spending a summer in Italy with her mother. Upon arrival back to the states, Elizabeth and her mother began practicing together. A former competitive swimmer through the collegiate level, Elizabeth enjoyed the non-competitive aspect of her yoga practice, and found that it brought balance to her life. Her mother was also her inspiration for becoming a yoga teacher. Elizabeth is a graduate of the University of NC-Wilmington, with a double major in International Business and Spanish. She completed the 200- hour teacher training program at the Wilmington Yoga Center in 2007. She also served as an assistant in 220- hour program in 2008. Elizabeth has also had opportunities to study with Shiva Rea and Kathryn Budhig. Elizabeth hopes to inspire her students to find the beautiful balance of strength, flexibility, and sense of humor in their practice.

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Frances Murchison, ERYT200

Adjunct Faculty member, Frances Murchison, 200RYT, brings 11 years of yoga experience to her classes. She completed her 200hr Training under Daren Friesen at Moksha Yoga in Chicago, and is working towards her 500-hour Kunga Yoga certification. Originally a runner, she embraced yoga for the physical benefits of strength, flexibility and endurance. Soon, she realized that the enhancement of mindfulness, self-acceptance and compassion turned out to be an even larger benefit. Frances Her influential teachers include Gary Kraftsow, Gbriel Halpern, Aadil Palkhivala, Darem Friesem, Dr. John Douillard and Bruan Kest. Frances is a trained and certified 5Elements Flow teacher. Frances’ background as a holistic health coach informs her teaching. Frances teaches Basic Flow, Core Power Hour, 5Elements Water Flow, 5Elements Earth Flow and Power Flow Yoga classes.

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Heather Lilly, ERYT500

Heather Lilly (goes by“Lilly”) received her 500hr ISHTA Yoga certification in2003. After teaching over a 1000hrs of group classes, private sessions, and yoga festivals in NYC, Pennsylvania, and Raleighshe joined the Wilmington Yoga Center family in December of 2009. Lilly comes with a background in dance, movement, and theatre that all inform her teaching.Lilly was drawn to yoga after September 11. Her journey began in the aftermath of a tragic event as an act of service to self; however the path has taken her to a place of peace, joy, and desire to serve others. Her intention is to spread this spirit of yoga as service to help inspire healingthroughout the world.Lilly is incredibly grateful to the many wonderful teachers with whom she has hadthe privilege to study.

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Heather Metzler, ERYT500

Kunga Yoga Faculty Instructor Heather Metzler, ERYT is a certified 500-hour Kunga Yoga teacher. She has also completed the 100 hour Professional Level Kunga Yoga Apprenticeship under Kristin Cooper for Kunga Yoga Leaders, and is working towards 1000-hour Kunga Yoga certification. As a Special Education teacher for many years, Heather started looking for a way to alleviate stress and create a healthier lifestyle for herself. She took her first yoga class in 2000 at a local gym, and was soon in love with the way it made her feel. She found the Wilmington Yoga Center where she started to deepen her practice through the love and teachings of Kristin Cooper, Larry Hobbs and Donna Gardner. After the birth of her first daughter in 2006, she began her yoga training, and is a graduate of the 220 and 500 hour Kunga Yoga School. She has completed certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Trauma, Thai Yoga Massage, Kunga Power Vinyasa and Therapeutics and has traveled with Kunga Journeys for volunteer work at the Home of Hope Orphanage in Kerala, India. She feels blessed to have her family and students in her life everyday, supporting her growth as an individual and as a teacher. She is currently working towards her 1000 hour certification, to deepen her practice and experiences while serving others in her classes.

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Jamie Annette, RYT500/ERYT200

Jamie, RYT500/ERYT200, is an instructor for the Kunga Yoga School as well as for public classes. She completed both her 200hr and 500hr certifications at the Kunga Yoga School at Wilmington Yoga Center. She is also certified in Mat Pilates and loves to incorporate core work into her classes. Jamie took her first yoga class with her mom in 2001 and has been practicing ever since. Some of her primary teachers include Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Larry Hobbs and Rose Tan. She’s always had an interest in health and wellness of both body and mind and feels fortunate to be able to share this with others through teaching. Jamie hopes to encourage others to bring balance, peace and a sense of connection to their lives through the practice of yoga.

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Jessica Bichler, ERYT500

Kunga Yoga School Manager, Jessica has a rich yogic history, steeped in a variety of trainings and lineages, bringing a wealth of knowledge to her classes, workshops and teacher trainings. Jess came to yoga in her teens, recognizing it as a path towards staying active and healthy throughout every stage of life. Jess has had the opportunity to study myriad yoga styles, particularly the prominent lines of Iyengar, Ashtanga and Anusara – each complimenting her attention to alignment and core engagement gained as a gymnast – as well as therapeutic and kids yoga. Her formal education and certifications were earned at the Morningside School of Yoga in upstate New York, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, and most recently 200 and 500 hour certifications from the Wilmington Yoga Center. Her influential teachers include Michael Smith, Stacey Millner-Collins, Cheryl Crawrford, Kristin Cooper and Noelle Cavenaugh. Jessica loves developing a wide variety of classes including everything from gentle and chair yoga, to kids yoga, to advanced practices focusing on arm balances and inversions. Her goal is to lovingly support students down the path of living a yogic lifestyle in all aspects.

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Jessica Hartmann PT + RYT500

Jessica Hartmann is a full time Physical Therapist and Kunga Yoga Teaching Specialist as faculty with the Kunga Yoga School. She is a graduate of Duquesne University with a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy, and has over ten years of experience as a manual therapist in a variety of clinics.
Jessica is a also graduate of the Kunga Yoga Teacher Training with Kristin Cooper and Katie Serino and is currently completing her Kunga Yoga 500 Hour certification.  Jessica has taught therapeutic yoga in clinical settings for over three years, and is currently working on completing her Professional yoga Therapy Certification in order to continue combining her career with her passion for yoga.
Jessica is a firm believer that yoga can truly be used as medicine. She is extremely excited to see yoga continually being recognized by medical communities both as a preventative measure as well as a treatment tool. She believes yoga is fantastic both for injury prevention and relief, and would like to continue educating others about the human body and it’s beauty in our yoga practice. Jessica enjoys teaching group classes and individual sessions focused on the principles of anatomy and biomechanics.

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JJ Cook, RYT500

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JJ Cook is a Kunga Yoga Faculty Teaching Assistant.  He is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center’s Kunga Yoga 200HR Teacher Training and Kunga Yoga Mentorship under Kristin Cooper, Heather Lilly and Noelle Cavenaugh. JJ completed his 300HR Power Vinyasa Teacher Training with Tamal Dodge and 500RYT. He is also a certified 5Elements Flow teacher.
JJ is a graduate of UNCW and basketball player for the Wilmington Sea Dawgs professional men’s basketball minor league team of the Carolinas.
JJ brings brings his athletic background into his classes with an emphasis on helping his students to building strength, motivation, and focus and currently teaches Warm & Hot Power Flow, Hot Detox & Hold, and 5Elements Flow classes.

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Julie Pelikan, RYT200

Julie Pelikan is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 200Hr Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program with Noelle Cavenaugh, ERYT500, Heather Metzler ERYT500 and Jess Bichler RYT500. Julie is completing her Kunga Yoga Mentoring Program under Noelle Cavenaugh, Heather Metzler, Jess Bichler and Heather Lilly. Julie is currently on the schedule teaching HOT Detox & Hold and Warm Power Flow classes.

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Keegan White, RYT500/ERYT200

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Keegan White, E-RYT200 and RYT 500, is a Kunga Yoga School Faculty Teaching Assistant. She is apprenticing 200 and 300 hour teaching modules and teaches public classes. She is a graduate of the 220 and 500 hour Kunga Yoga School and holds a B.A. in Dance from UNC-Charlotte. Keegan has been mentored extensively by Kristin Cooper through the mentorship program at WYC. She most recently completed an additional 300 hour training with Chris and John Yax of Yax Yoga Concepts of Virginia Beach and is the former Director of Hot Asana Yoga Studio in Durham, NC.

With over 1,000 hours of teaching, Keegan is an experienced registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance with extensive training in hands on assisting, the art of sequencing classes, anatomy and musculoskeletal assessment, and inversions and arm balances. Keegan has additional trainings in Yoga for PTSD with Dave Emerson, Thai Yoga Massage with Deon de Wet, Pre/Post Natal with Heather Till, Therapeutics Yoga with Marlysa Sullivan, and Ayurvedia with Hilary Garivaltis. She has also assisted Kristin Cooper in Rhythmic Flow Yoga in Raleigh, NC, presented Safety and Alignment workshops in the 200 hour teacher training at BeUnlimited Yoga, co-led the Prama Retreat at the Prama Institute for the Wilmington Yoga Center, and traveled with Kunga Journeys as a Kunga ambassador for volunteer work at the Home of Hope Orphanage in Kerala, India. The physical strength, self-awareness and inner peace she’s gained from a consistent yoga practice are what naturally led her to want to help others access the same qualities in themselves. She loves sharing the journey of yoga with others; her light-hearted spirit brings a fun and nurturing environment to her classes.

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Kristin Cooper, ERYT500

The Founder of the Kunga Yoga Teacher Training School and Founder of Wilmington Yoga Center is Kristin Cooper, ERYT500. Kristin leads some of the 200 & 500 hour programs, along with a group of highly experienced Kunga Yoga Faculty members. Kristin is also the creator of Rhythmic Flow Yoga w/the Kunga Drummers and Founder of Kunga Journeys orphanage volunteer service retreats in developing countries. Rhythmic Flow and Kunga Journeys are led by Kristin and her percussionist husband, Loren Gulak.
Kristin’s teaching background includes teaching full time since 1999 and training over one thousand yoga teachers nationally and internationally since 2003. She has worked with children, seniors, and students living with cancer and HIV, and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). Kristin has worked privately with celebrity clients Katie Holmes, Ashley Judd and Cheryl Hines, as well as corporate executives and college athletes. At the beginning of her teaching career she traveled for several years as a teacher as an assistant trainer and percussionist for Shiva Rea, serving as a teaching mentor for Shiva’s Prana Flow 500hr Teacher Training. Kristin is also a guest presenter for various teacher trainings in the U.S. and has presented at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. Kristin has contributed to various publications, and her interviews and writings have been featured in Yoga Journal, Huffington Post, and Live South. Kristin was the 2013 recipient of the YWCA Woman of Achievement Award for her social entrepreneurship work with orphaned girls in developing countries.
She began her studies in 1996 and her training background includes several trips to India and Thailand, with ongoing study in Thai Yoga Massage in the Lek Chaiya tradition. Her training also includes ongoing studies in the fields of Ayurveda, yoga, percussion, vegan living and macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute. She has enjoyed the benefits of a vegan diet and lifestyle since 1994 and shares her love of all things plant-based with passion! Her primary vinyasa studies began with Shiva Rea in 2000 and have continued for many years, and she has completed a wide range of trainings and certifications including Kripalu Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Kundalini, YogaDance, Yoga for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Advanced Pranayama, Meditation, Kids Yoga, Therapeutics, Non-Violent Communication, and studies in bodywork and nutrition. She has played percussion for over 20 years and has had the honor of performing at various venues and festivals internationally with the Playing for Change Band, Joey Lugassi & Lisa Bonet, Dave Stringer, Shaman’s Dream, Daphne Tse, The Kripalu Drummers, John de Kadt, and Masankho Banda. She enjoys incorporating music and many teaching modalities into her trainings and feels that all forms inform one another and have the same goal of union, or “yoga”.
Kristin and the Kunga Yoga team are grateful for the opportunity to use yoga and music as a platform and tool for collaboration, education, and fundraising for underserved populations around the world. For more information on Kristin and upcoming programs and service events, please

See Kristin Cooper, E-RYT500’s schedule

Liana Belanich, RYT200

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Liana Belanich is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 200hr Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training Program with Noelle Cavenaugh ERYT500, Heather Metzler EYRT500, and Jessica Bichler ERYT500. Liana became interested in yoga while in college in 2003. Yoga quickly became her favorite way to exercise and Liana began to enjoy meditation and all the wonderful aspects of yoga. In 2013 she wished to deepen her practice and share the benefits of yoga with others. She enrolled in the Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Training in 2014 with the intention of helping others grow and become their best selves through yoga and meditation. Finding inspiration from her studies in many philosophies of healing, spirituality, and enlightenment, Liana loves to incorporate these teachings into her classes and bring light and joy wherever she can. Liana believes it all starts with finding happiness and health in our own lives so that we can help bring peace to the world. She is grateful for the path she is on and all the people who have helped and supported her. Liana wants to be a role model for others; to help them shine bright. Currently you can find her teaching the HOT Detox and Hold set classes.

See Liana Belanich, RYT200’s schedule

Logan White, RYT200

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North Carolina born and raised, Logan originally began her yoga practice many years ago as a means by which to relax after intense workouts, such as running, but soon realized that yoga can be as challenging, and sometimes even more challenging, than many other forms of exercise; yoga gives the student so much more than the physical, and it is the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga that can be the most surprising, and life-changing. Logan received her RYT200 in the Kunga Yoga Lifestyle + Teacher Training, under the leadership of Noelle Cavenaugh, Heather Metzler, and Jess Bichler. With a Masters degree in Public Administration, Logan brings many years of experience in the nonprofit sector for local organizations such as Cape Fear Habitat for Humanity and Good Shepherd Center, and she is passionate about the mission of WYC Kunga programs, which offer each student the opportunity to view yoga as service.

See Logan White, RYT200’s schedule

Macy Johnson, ERYT200

Macy Johnson is certified in Kunga Yoga and 5Elements Flow. She began practicing yoga in 2009 and registered with Yoga Alliance after receiving her 200hr certification at Wilmington Yoga Center in 2012. Her primary teachers include Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Tara Folton, and Noelle Cavenaugh. Macy teaches Kunga Yoga, an open style of mind/body yoga with focused teachings on service. She especially enjoys offering a spiritual aspect to her physical practices. Macy has a background in soccer and can be found teaching Power level 2/3, Basic for all levels, and the 5Element Flow classes!

See Macy Johnson’s schedule

Mandy Nicolau

Like many students Mandy was drawn to yoga as a form of physical fitness but soon discovered changes in her body and her mind. “There is so much stimulation going on in our daily lives, yoga gives us a chance to center, find our inner peace and make time for ourselves.” Mandy completed her 220 hr yoga lifestyle and training certification with Kristin Cooper Gulak at The Wilmington Yoga Center and is currently working towards her 500 hr certification. She feels an overwhelming amount of gratitude for being able to share her passions with others. Mandy loves to share the positive effects of yoga with people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. She truly believes that there is a yoga out there for everyone.

See Mandy Nicolau’s schedule

Meg James, RYT200

Meg James is a certified 200RYT instructor and with a background in Child Development and Education. Her love for children and advocacy initially attracted her to the unique mission of Wilmington Yoga Center, where she completed her Kunga Yoga Lifestyle Teacher Training in 2013. Her yoga journey began in 2009 as a way to relieve stress, but the continual expansion of knowledge of self- mind, body & spirit that yoga offers is what inspired her to develop a consistent practice. Over the years her passion for yoga has continued to evolve, and she is delighted by yoga’s limitless potential to transform how we relate to ourselves and others. Meg gravitates toward the empowerment and strength yoga offers, while allowing a softness to unfold through opening our eyes and hearts to the here and now. She teaches strong classes that also offer space for spirituality and introspection. Along her path she has studied with Hilary Garivaltis and Tamal Dodge, and is currently working toward her 500RYT with the mentorship of Kristin Cooper-Gulak, Noelle Cavenaugh, Heather Metzler and Jess Bichler. She would like to thank her first teacher, Alecia Youngblood Jackson, for inspiring a love of rocking music & Vinyasa flow.
“I ask myself daily: ‘What is worth my time, attention, prana, love?’ The insight that comes from this inquiry is like a torch leading me through the dark.” -Sean Johnson

See Meg James’s schedule

Meghan Stepnowski, RYT200

Meghan came to yoga like so many westerners, drawn in by the physical. Her practice grew from physical to spiritual studies, as well as the incorporation of lifelong love of service, a seed planted early on by her mother who grows continually intertwined with her yoga. Yoga motivates her to live well, love openly, and serve all. Meghan completed teacher training with Seaside yoga in Wilmington North Carolina in 2005. She has practiced for years with Kristen Cooper at the Wilmington Yoga Center and had the fortune to experience the presence of many other amazing teachers worldwide over the past decade. She teachers hatha yoga for all; from children to seniors, from vinyasa, to basic. She is eternally grateful for all who have crossed her path in the past and for all those to come. She hopes to inspire her students to see yoga beyond the physical, “To live to see that which comes as seed, goes to the next as blossom, and that which comes as blossom, goes forth as fruit” in order to plant the strength and beauty of asana for an inspired and empowered life.

See Meghan Stepnowski’s schedule

Melissa Erickson, RYT500

Melissa Erickson is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center’s 220HR Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program with Kristin Cooper and Noelle Cavenaugh. Melissa has completed her Kunga Yoga 500HR Teacher Training Certification and her Kunga Yoga Mentorship under Heather Lilly and Noelle Cavenaugh. She is certified as a Theraputic Yoga Teacher through the Center of Integrative Yoga Studies with Marlysa Sullivan, Holle Black,and Tra Kirkpatrick. Melissa is trained in Yin Yoga with Joe Barnett, Yoga for PTSD with David Emerson, Senior/ Restorative Yoga training with Noelle Cavenaugh, Pranayama with William Hufschmidt, Pre/ Post Natal Yoga with Heather Metzler. She is trained and certified for Thai Yoga Therapy with Deon De Wet. Melissa has studied for 3 years with her Ashtanga teacher Larry Hobbs who is an Authorized Level 1 Ashtanga Teacher by Shri R. Sharath Jois , as well as with Jess Bichler. Recently she has become a certified Cancer teacher through Y4C with Tari Pinster. She specializes working with the Cancer population and other Therapeutic populations.

See Melissa Erickson’s schedule

Nancy Hayes, RYT500

Nancy Hayes, RYT Nancy is a certified and Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher at the 500 hour level (RYT) with over 25 years teaching experience. Since 1984, her primary focus of study has been in the Iyengar method. Nancy’s study of yoga is ongoing and includes teacher training with internationally known Yoga instructors throughout the country and includes course work at The Iyengar Institute of San Francisco, The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY and Unity Woods Yoga, Bethesda, MD. Nancy combines a gentle approach to Yoga with more vigorous methods of practice for physical and mental harmony. Classes are tailored to meet the needs of individuals enrolled and suitable for men and women of all ages. Come prepared to: stretch, strengthen, smile and relax.

See Nancy Hayes, RYT500’s schedule

Noelle Cavenaugh, ERYT500


Noelle Cavenaugh, ERYT500 is the Co-Director of the Kunga Yoga School at the Wilmington Yoga Center, leading 200 and 500 hour Kunga Yoga Lifestyle Teacher Trainings and Kunga Journeys Service Retreats nationally and internationally. Noelle is also a Professional Level Kunga Yoga Leader, completing a 350 hour advanced apprenticeship certification with Kristin Cooper-Gulak; and is currently pursuing her 1000hour Kunga Yoga certification. She is a seasoned international teacher and retreat leader, and is deeply committed to the Kunga Yoga mission of service, spending much of her time in India and in the U.S. working with and for the girls of the Homes of Hope Orphanages in Kerala, India.

Noelle has been teaching since 2006, beginning her yoga studies at the Nosara Institute in Costa Rica, and studying Thai Yoga Massage in Chaing Mai, Thailand, completing advanced-level certifications in the Lek Chaiya tradition. She is a certified Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer teacher, completing over 250 hours in advanced anatomy and pilates technique training and is also a certified 5Elements Flow Yoga Teacher Trainer and certified Kunga Vinyasa Trainer. Her additional certifications include Interdisciplinary Yoga, Fluid Power Yoga, and Thai Yoga Therapy.
Noelle’s primary teachers include Ashley Ludman, Kristin Cooper-Gulak, and Larry Hobbs. She has also completed trainings with Hilary Garivaltis in Ayurveda, Marlysa Sullivan in Anatomy of Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga, David Emerson in Yoga for Trauma and PTSD, and Pre and Post Natal Yoga with Heather Till.

Noelle has assisted Anusara-based Seaside Yoga Teacher Trainings and Transformation Retreats with Ashley Ludman and has led retreats to Ambergris Caye, Belize, with Elizabeth Cramond RYT. Due to her dynamic classes and community following, Noelle has been chosen as an ambassador of both Manduka and Lululemon. Yoga, music, dance, service work, and travel are her passions, and she enjoys incorporating these experiences into her teachings to create a safe, fun, and effective experience appropriate for all ages and levels. Noelle enjoys empowering the student to connect with their inner teacher. Noelle teaches public classes, offers Thai Yoga therapy sessions and one-on-one private therapeutic yoga sessions at The Wilmington Yoga Center, benefitting a broad range of ages, needs, and conditions.

See Noelle Cavenaugh, ERYT500’s schedule

Pious Choi

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Pious Choi is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 200 hour Kunga Yoga + Lifestyle Teacher Training, May 2015, with Noelle Cavenaugh ERYT 500 and Jessica Bichler ERYT 500. A shoulder injury led to a YMCA therapeutic class, March 2014, and a lifetime commitment to yoga. Pious was immediately drawn to physical benefits of yoga and began practicing in earnest. A committed physical practice led to developing and exploring the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Pious is an enthusiastic student + teacher and wants to help people “find” yoga and share the practice, passing it along to students new to the practice. “Yoga is for everyone, especially men! If you breathe you are qualified, give it a chance! Knowing what yoga has done for me, I want nothing more than to share that experience with others.” Pious is currently teaching Beach Yoga, Candle Relax + Restore and Hot Detox + Hold 1 and 2. Pious loves nature, his dog Chili, and would one day love to hike the Appalachian Trail.

See Pious Choi’s schedule

Ryan Tolhurst, RYT200

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Ryan first came to yoga in 2001 to deepen his practice and understanding of the spiritual and philosophical. He is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 200hr Kunga Yoga Lifestyle and Teacher Training. Ryan earned his degree in biomechanics and kinesiology from The University of Richmond. As a former competitive athlete in football through the professional level, Ryan embraces the physical challenges that yoga can provide. He enjoys sharing how those physical challenges can lead to a deeper understanding and connection with oneself. Ryan’s classes have a focus on alignment through an understanding of anatomy and physiology. By integrating a spiritual and meditative awareness in his classes, Ryan hopes to inspire students through their own practice to look within themselves to live more mindful compassionate lives. His primary teachers include Jess Bichler and Noelle Cavenaugh.

See Ryan Tolhurst’s schedule

Sandie Orsa, RYT200

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Sandie began practicing yoga in 2007 to supplement her established healthy lifestyle. Over the years, yoga has provided Sandie with clarity and peace and has offered many tools for navigating through everyday life. So, in 2013, she decided to enroll in Wilmington Yoga Center’s Kunga Yoga and Lifestyle Teacher Training merely as a disciplined approach to deepen her practice. Sandie found this program to be so motivating and inspirational, she decided to become a yoga teacher with her certification and use yoga as a path of service. She remains excited and grateful for every opportunity she receives to share this with her students and in the local community. Sandie has studied extensively with Kristin Cooper, Noelle Cavenaugh, Heather Metzler and Elizabeth Cramond. She has completed trainings in Restorative Yoga with Noelle Cavenaugh, Service Leadership and Yoga for PTSD with Kristin Cooper and most recently, Trauma Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson. You can find Sandie and her unique teaching style in 5Elements Earth Flow, Hot Power Flow Set 2 and Core Power Hour.

See Sandie Orsa, RYT200’s schedule

Stephanie Chavez, RYT200

Stephanie Chavez is a graduate of the Wilmington Yoga Center 200Hr Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program with Noelle Cavenaugh, ERYT500, Heather Metzler ERYT500 and Jess Bichler RYT500. She was trained in classical ballet at the Raleigh School of Ballet and was accepted as a company member at the Raleigh Dance Theatre. After moving to Wilmington to pursue her Biology degree, she took her first yoga class at the Wilmington Yoga Center and feel in love immediately. Stephanie is currently completing her Kunga Yoga 500HR Teacher Training Certification and Kunga Yoga Mentorship at Wilmington Yoga Center. You can find her teaching Hot Detox and Hold and Candle Relax and Restore.

See Stephanie Chavez’s schedule

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