Decorating With Love… “After”

Having finished the painting project during the holiday break, we were fortunate enough to be there when the children had their first look at rooms when school started back up in Monday. Both the students and teachers were so gracious and excited to see the improvements. The LKG teacher started off getting the children’s minds back in learning ...

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Yoga with the girls

Within an hour of arrival on the first day, the girls began immediately asking “Yoga? Yoga” with huge smiles and nodding faces, they couldn’t wait to practice again since it had been a year since our last classes with them. Kristin taught the girls that had nowhere to go for “holiday”, and Noelle taught the biggest class yet with all of the girls of the orphanage-ages 5-18. Sister Valsa helped to translate, and the girls would often erupt in fits ...

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Decorating With Love… “During”

What a way to bring in the New Year. The painting project got underway with a definite “bang”. The Sisters had the girls help get the room ready by moving the benches out into the halls to make room for the painting the walls. And the girls got into the action, too! They were so excited to be ...

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Decorating With Love… “Before”

The main service project for the retreat was to add to the ongoing improvements happening around the orphanage. The new building is getting the finishing touches put on it and should be ready shortly for the girls to move in. The new dorm building is so beautiful and spectacular that the girls nicknamed it the “Taj Mahal”. Where the Sisters needed our help ...

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Getting grounded…

Our first group yoga practice on the terrace, early AM before the heat, with one intention… getting grounded in the sea of India.

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