Decorating With Love… “During”

What a way to bring in the New Year. The painting project got underway with a definite “bang”. The Sisters had the girls help get the room ready by moving the benches out into the halls to make room for the painting the walls. And the girls got into the action, too! They were so excited to ...

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Decorating With Love… “Before”

The main service project for the retreat was to add to the ongoing improvements happening around the orphanage. The new building is getting the finishing touches put on it and should be ready shortly for the girls to move in. The new dorm building is so beautiful and spectacular that the girls nicknamed it the “Taj Mahal”. Where the Sisters needed our help ...

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Getting grounded…

Our first group yoga practice on the terrace, early AM before the heat, with one intention… getting grounded in the sea of India.

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Home of Hugs

Our cheeks were hurting from the grins we had as we pulled into those familiar gates of the orphanage and started seeing all of these cute little heads popping out from around the corners of doors. We were excited to see “our” girls again, and more importantly, to share the experience with the other on the retreat ...

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Trickling In

We have arrived! And are still arriving… one by one. Seems like the holiday weather in the States gave everyone an opportunity to practice santosha, the practice of contentment with the present. All of the canceled & delayed flights, lost luggage & mixed navigation in a foreign land… Everyone has a travel story with the happy ending of “We’re here!”.

Where is here?
For those not familiar with the layout of India and where the orphanage is in relation to… say… ...

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