1. Teaching English

    Walking through the school hallways, with flashcards in our hands, Loren and I were excited and a tad bit nervous to go in and start teaching English. However, they quickly padded our egos… as Americans walking through the halls, as soon as the children see you through the windows they literally start screaming your name, and jumping out of their seats and running to the doors, swarming you …Read More

  2. School Daze

    We’ve been so impressed with the school for the children. The girls from the orphanage mix right in with the children from the community, and they all wear the same uniforms. Tara and I actually noticed that in some of the classrooms we observed, “our girls” (from Home of Hope) were more disciplined than some of the public kids. Of course we were probably a little biased, but they truly did …Read More

  3. “I’m with the band…”

    We had the special treat of observing band practice for the Home of Hope All-Girl Marching Band. The band was formed thanks to the fund raising efforts of the students at Christ the King School in Pleasant Hill. Instruments were purchased and a local band instructor, Johnnie, has been working with the girls to hone their skills, marching around the orphanage grounds practicing their steps, tone an…Read More

  4. The gang’s all here!!

    Sunday, Jan 13th… Loren & Tara B made it!! They arrived at the orphanage around 5:30am in time to wake everybody up and see the day start (of course with the long trip over, they had no idea which day was actually starting.) All of the girls slowly woke to see these two new visitors, but it didn’t take long for the girls to start popping up off their mats like popcorn to meet the n…Read More

  5. After School Activities

    After another day at school, the younger girls meet to get their daily bathes and head wash, and afterwards they are busy hand washing their laundry and hanging it out to dry in the warm Indian sun. While most of the girls are bathing, Chinju, who is usually off on her own getting into or doing who knows what (the sister’s are still trying to figure out what in the world she is doing while e…Read More

  6. Heading South for the winter

    Southern Coast of Kerala Tara and I took a quick trip to Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort, Kovulum to visit friends Shiva (leading the yoga retreat at Somatheeram) & Sonia (from Cologne, Germany). Beautiful dinner overlooking the ocean and watching the Kathika traditional Indian dance and local musicians- Shiva invited us to watch her morning Kalari practice (Indian martial art) in beautiful…Read More

  7. Class photos

    Tara Selvy’s School Uniforms Humble Home on Way to Auxilium Ready for School with Backpacks…Read More

  8. More Photos!

      …Read More

  9. Photos Jan6-8th

    Butt Paste Lunch room Homemade broom by the girls  …Read More

  10. Some more photos from around the orphanage!

    Tea with the Sisters Reusable cups Sleeping Beauty Maleshwi Face Washing Mama Bianca, Kristin & girls Gifts from Paul Uncle Healers for Marina Courtyard Dining Mama Bianca & Marina  …Read More