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Wilmington’s Premier Yoga Center

Over 100 classes per week for all levels & abilities

Three spacious, sunlit studios with treetop views

State-of-the-Art Infrared Hot Yoga Studio

Located above Tidal Creek Co-op

What is Hot Yoga?

Try our State-of-the-Art Hot Yoga Studio.

Hot Yoga is the practice of yoga postures in a room that is heated between 85-105 degrees and is one of the fastest growing styles of yoga in the world. Hot yoga is a broad term referring to any form of yoga that is practiced in a heated room. Many “methods” of Hot Yoga have been branded based on the name of their founder or brand, such as Barkan, Bikram, Baptiste, Moksha and Core Power Hot Yoga. The differences between these styles lie in their approach to the heat, beliefs, and posture choices.

Our approach to Hot Yoga is as varied as our student base.  All yoga approaches can be beneficial when practiced with mindfulness and compassion for the needs of each individual.  We offer a fantastic variety of over 50 signature hot yoga classes weekly to meet the needs of all practitioners from beginner to advanced students, as well as those with specific physical limitations.
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I've been doing yoga for over 25 years at studios all over the world, and - not to gush too much - this is my favorite place I've ever done yoga. The classes are absolutely outstanding - from basics to my favorite, hot detox - but that's not the best part…–Ali T.

...The best part is the vibe - the space, the staff, the instructors. You can tell they've gone out of their way to cultivate something really special, a place that puts you immediately at ease and allows you to destress, detox and truly leave the world at the door. In addition there is a constant flow of truly fantastic workshops.–Ali T.

I love everything about the Wilmington Yoga Center. You truly feel like you're part of a community from the moment you walk in, even as a beginner. That's how it was when I first started coming in 2005(ish), and it just gets better through the years. –Jennifer B.

I am a frequent visitor to Wilmington, and one of my MUST stops every trip is the Wilmington Yoga Center. Having lived and practiced in almost every major city in the country - New York, San Francisco, Chicago, LA, San Diego - my experience at WYC is one of the best I've found.–Mercedes W.

As someone that has only done yoga at home, I find the Wilmington Yoga Center very welcoming and not at all intimidating.–Jen G.

I have been fortunate to have travelled a lot, and I have rarely visited a yoga studio as good as the Wilmington Yoga Center. I am a better person, both physically and spiritually because of this place and the people who work here.–Dave B.

How fortunate I am that my favorite yoga studio of all time is in my current home town. I've been practicing yoga for about 15 years and have taken classes in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, Texas, California, Michigan, Delaware and Amsterdam. The variety of classes offered at the Wilmington Yoga Center is awesome.–Sean H.

The Wilmington Yoga Center offers an incredible experience. Not only does WYC have classes that meet just about anyone's schedule but the instructors bring their individual strengths to each class... which makes your yoga experience very special. No matter what your level, the instructors provide opportunities for you to get the most out of your practice.–Muffy S.

I have never seen a studio offer so many options. Yoga teachers tend to be kind and helpful in general everywhere you go but this studio has found some real gems for teachers.–Sean H.

I have tried many different yoga studios in Wilmington and the surrounding areas, and I always come back to Wilmington Yoga Center. They have the best variety of classes (by far!), and a beautiful space that is kept super clean. Everyone who works there is SO nice, and really knowledgeable.–Susan M.

One of my favorite places on earth! It's difficult for me to describe how much I love this place and the people who work there. The people are kind and loving, and the teachers are fantastic!–Dave B.

Recently I joined a local gym for a rather inexpensive rate, and one of the reasons I did it was because it offered 3 yoga classes per week. If you care about actually learning yoga at an ideal pace with proper guidance, and developing your practice, don't waste your time taking yoga classes at a gym. Go to Wilmington Yoga Center.–Susan M.

I love the Wilmington Yoga Center! The variety of classes and instructors allows me to fulfill my personal yoga needs on a daily basis; some days I want a hot, slow class with an instructor who has a soothing voice but other days I want a power class with an instructor who motivates me to find my edge. No matter what my body or mind needs, I can always find the class at WYC.–Andi D.

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