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Positive Mind. Positive Life.

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Daily Yoga Classes


With 70+ classes per week for all ages and levels of fitness

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Daily Yoga Classes

With 70+ classes per week for all ages and levels of fitness — we have the perfect yoga class for you! Take advantage of our FREE Intro to Yoga Workshop or Newcomers Month of Unlimited Yoga if you are new to yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Wilmington Yoga Center is home to North Carolina’s premier yoga teacher training program. We offer both 200-Hour and 300-Hour Yoga Alliance Certification Training options so that you can start and continue your yoga education. Take your love of yoga to the next level with us.

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Daily Yoga Schedule

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1 to 3 Day Yoga 

Deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga with an in-depth workshop!

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga classes at Wilmington Yoga Center are carefully designed to focus on your specific needs.

Yoga Retreats

Immerse yourself in your yoga practice with an international retreat—guided by our Yoga Leaders

Corporate Yoga

Achieving a state of flow, in your workflow. Your team is worth this investment!

On-Demand Classes

We make it easy to keep up with your daily yoga routine with on-demand yoga classes.


Wilmington Yoga Center

Our beautifully designed yoga center is open to people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities. We offer several different types of yoga including Basic Flow, Power Flow, Gentle + Meditation, Yin, and Hot Yoga to cater to all different lifestyles.

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What our students say.

  • I felt instantly at home.

    What a wonderful yoga community! This center is smartly designed and caters to every need, whether it's top-quality teacher training, hot yoga, education, new yoga pants, or a good read. The front desk staff are welcoming and are so friendly and calm, answering questions, checking in with students, and answering phones seamlessly. I felt instantly at home.

  • Will be returning next vacay!

    I came here while on my vacation from NY. This place is amazing. I went mon-fri bc I couldn’t stay away. I got to take, Faith, Jessica, Walter, and Maureen’s class’s. They were all great instructors who had different teaching styles but were extremely educated and professional. They really turned up the power yoga. These teachers will make you work and you will leave there feeling fulfilled and floating. Will be returning next vacay!

  • Everything is so clean…

    Everything is so clean, and I do feel very safe and taken care of when I take an in-person class now. The rules and regulations really give me peace of mind when practicing. I love that the Hot Room classes have their own entrance and exit which makes me feel like a very safe VIP!

  • Very easy follow along with the streaming

    It’s very easy to follow along with the streaming and the quality has only improved as time has gone on. A calming way to relieve stress during this weird time in everyone's lives! I’m thankful I can still practice safely in my home, even if I can’t find child care. Grateful to you all at WYC!

  • The Kunga Yoga & Lifestyle Teacher Training program…

    The Kunga Yoga and Lifestyle Teacher Training program at the Wilmington Yoga Center is an exceptional and rigorous teacher training program that has by far been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Whether you enroll with hopes of becoming an instructor, or simply want to deepen your personal practice, you’ll receive an in-depth education on the practices and principles of hatha yoga and gain the tools necessary for becoming a responsible and skilled yoga teacher and practitioner - on and off your mat.

  • WYC holds a special place in my heart…

    As a graduate of WYC’s Yoga Teacher Training Program, I have had the life-changing experience of learning and growing as a student as well as a teacher with Kristin Cooper and the other teachers at WYC. I highly recommend the Teacher Training to committed students of all levels interested in diving deeper into yoga's study and life practice. Tidal Creek Co-Op, literally right downstairs from the studio, also offers convenience for meals before and after training sessions, with a delicious array of freshly prepared, local, organic food. When I’m in town for training at WYC, it truly feels like being on vacation!

  • An experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my days.

    Traveling to India with Kunga Journeys was equal parts service opportunity, fabulous yoga retreat, and mind-blowing adventure! Our hearts were opened by the girls at Home of Hope orphanage – an experience I’ll treasure for the rest of my days.

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We have an array of classes, workshops, and teacher training options — led by the most celebrated and loved yoga teachers in Wilmington, NC.

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