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Holler Brown



Holler Brown is a 200 hour RYT. He began practicing yoga in 2002 at Wilmington Yoga Center where he met teachers Kristin Cooper-Gulak and Larry Hobbs. Over the years he has attended workshops with Annie Pace, David Swenson, Eddie Stern, David Life and Sharron Gannon. He started practicing Ashtanga yoga early on and his approach to teaching are strongly influenced by that tradition. The pace in his classes is slow and deliberate so as to provide the student with time to move into a posture and experience the sensation of being there. Classes are challenging but they are accessible to everyone so long as there is a basic understanding of the rudimentary postures.

“I believe yoga is about being present, in the moment. Balance, strength, flexibility, yes, but being present is key. I try to create a quiet space where students can focus on their breath and the mind-body connection, where they can find the inner stillness that results from deep yoga.”

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