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Kelley Barrett-Duncan



“Yoga radically changed my life, and I want to share that gift with the world!”
Moving from MA to NC and feeling desperate to be around people and feel like a part of her new community, Kelley wandered into her 1st “official” yoga class in 2011. Having spent years of being the person who practiced occasionally at home using DVD’s & online classes, she was unaware of the profound impact a regular yoga practice was about to have on her. Beginning to practice numerous times a week she felt herself shifting, not just getting physically stronger but finding the strength within that was needed for self-healing & personal growth. Soon, she was invited to work at a local yoga studio checking in students in exchange for unlimited yoga. Early in 2012, Kelley graduated from a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training from this studio, Be Yoga in Charlotte. A few years later she also completed a 35 hour Prenatal Yoga certification with Charlotte Family Yoga Center. Having had formal anatomy training from past experience as a Radiologic Technologist, Kelley uses that knowledge in detailing alignment cues & giving mindful adjustments in her classes.

Her primary focus as a yoga teacher is to make each class accessible for all levels of practitioner, so that every student feels empowered to move from a place of personal strength & gentle curiosity. She knows that yoga is a magnificent journey, a powerful tool capable of eliciting deep inner peace while encouraging growth, acceptance, compassion & love, and she truly wants that for every yogi joining her! Kelley enjoys leading inclusive classes for everyone, though she’s truly passionate encouraging beginners to feel capable & welcomed on their mat.

Along with her passion for teaching yoga, Kelley finds immense joy in being a meditation guide, a Certified Herbalist & owner of The Hampstead Herbiary, preparing delicious plant-based meals, and crafting things with yarn, clay & found objects. Her two greatest joys are her children, Jack & Charlotte.”

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