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Over the last decade, yoga has been the one constant in my life amongst the many inevitable changes & life transformations. Beginning my practice in 2011, my objective & approach to the practice was more physical & for the purpose of gaining athletic strength & flexibility. However, after repeatedly stepping onto my mat I didn’t realize I had been tapping into something greater than myself & nourishing a spiritual seed that had been planted since my first class.

Since then, yoga & meditation have been the main source of nourishment for my spiritual growth. I have found over the years that yoga has deepened my connection to the Universe, the world around me, & within myself & allowed me to heal deep emotional wounds.

Mentors such as Heather Metzler, Jess Bichler, Holler Brown, Francis Murchison, & Lexi Hawks have taught me yoga principles & showed me how to practice them on the mat, which I’ve overtime slowly applied to my life off the mat. Principles such as discipline, honesty, & surrender I’ve often practiced for the very first time in a yoga studio. After earning my 200 hour teaching certification through WYC’s Find Your Power training in 2019, I was not only beginning to integrate yoga into my daily life on a deeper level, coming closer to my most authentic self, but I also became empowered to “carry the message” & share my experience with others. Yoga has transformed my life in ways I couldn’t ever imagine possible & has helped guide me through life’s ebb & flows of fears & challenges. The deep healing yoga has provided me on all physical, emotional, & spiritual levels is truly a gift to be shared. I am here today to share & spread the beautiful rewards that yoga & meditation have to offer & to navigate life on & off the mat as we humbly come closer to our pure, authentic selves together.

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