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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Tamal Dodge's Power Vinyasa Intensive Teacher Training

1. Tamal Dodge was born and raised in his family’s yoga ashram in Hawaii. By the age of ten he had already received his teaching credentials and was teaching yoga and meditation classes at his parents’ ashram.

2. He is one of the youngest and most-respected yoga teachers on the planet. Don’t let his looks deceive you; underneath his baby face lies an old soul whose wisdom and knowledge run deep.

3. Before Tamal founded Yoga Salt (one of the most popular yoga studios in LA) he co-founded The Yoga Collective in Santa-Monica, CA, where he taught alongside the very distinguished yogi Brian Kest.

4. Tamal has been featured in Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters, CSNBC, Self Magazine, and Yogi Times. Basically, he’s a yoga boss!

5. Tamal is a story-teller. He doesn’t even need a manual, really. When he speaks, he speaks (or sings!) from the heart.

Tamal not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He delivers the teaching of yoga back to its heritage, personifying what it means to establish a life of authentic, dedicated practice. He is a rare find in the growing population of teacher-trainers within the U.S. The ingenious participation of his in-class instruction and one of a kind storytelling during his trainings is not to be missed. In his company, it’s indisputable that his entire being emanates the spiritual teachings of traditional yoga. He welcomes the responsibility of sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with others. Tamal seeks to help people be ”in the world but not of the world,” to become truly peaceful and happy.

If you’re interested in learning about power vinyasa sequencing, yoga posture, breath work, meditation, philosophy, diet, nutrition + more with Tamal Dodge click the link below for a life changing experience.

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