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Category: Conscious Cook

Our Staff Shares Their Favorite Healthy Snacks

I have a confession to make. When I first embarked on my yoga journey, I never really thought that what I put into (or onto) my body mattered. Of course I knew that you have to eat in order to live, but I had no idea that it was so important to pay attention to […]

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Conscious Cook: Delicata Squash – One Sweet, One Savory

Easiest Squash You’ll Ever Cook: Delicata Squash – One Sweet, One Savory Short on time and short on money? Just looking to make an easy side dish for a holiday party? Look no further than the delicata squash! You can find it in pretty much any grocery store – bonus points if it’s local or homegrown! […]

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Conscious Cook: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Happy Fall, y’all! It’s time to say goodbye to those long summer days as the Equinox today marks the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere. Thinking of Fall always makes me giddy with excitement – the crisp air, the leaves changing colors and the coziness of it all. Here in Wilmington though, the temperatures […]

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Conscious Cook: Gazpacho

Although the dog days of summer are winding down and coming to a close, the sultry heat is still lingering – especially during mid-day. It can be a bit unforgiving at times, but luckily for us there are tons of tricks that can help us during these intense heat waves. Ayurvedically speaking, when things get […]

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Conscious Cook: Parsley + Mint Pesto

Putting a fresh spin on traditional basil pesto, our funky rendition is both simple to make and the brightest addition to any summer meal. It’s light enough to throw on just about anything (salads, veggie noodles, pasta…etc.) – but also incredibly satisfying to the tongue. Throwing a dinner party? Whip this up in a pinch […]

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Conscious Cooking: Quick, Easy + Vegan Dinner for 4!

It seems everywhere you turn there is more information about additives, preservatives, GMO’s, and other harmful ingredients lurking in our food. Couple that with our increasingly busy schedules, it makes for a challenging predicament to eat healthy in a flash. Here’s an easy, minimal ingredient, vegan, gluten-free recipe for those moments when you are in […]

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Vegan Banana Bread

For some of us, banana bread calls to mind memories of childhood and mouth-watering smells making their way throughout the home. That being said, there are other reasons to love banana bread…for instance, bananas help keep blood pressure in check because increasing potassium intake can be beneficial in its vasodilation effects (relaxing the pathways of […]

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Vegan Pumpkin Pie

As the fall season continues, for some, the taste for home-cooked pumpkin pie increases. Cravings, cravings, cravings! In this week’s recipe, while the instruction to dos may seem daunting…making a pumpkin pie has never been easier with minimal ingredients, barely any preparation time and no baking! Give this delicious dessert a try! Ingredients: Crust 2 […]

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Vegan Lentil Soup

Lentils come from the legume family. They are small, round and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Lentils are a cooking favorite as they retain their shape after cooking, are inexpensive, nutritious and can be stored for prolonged periods of time without refrigeration. When compared to other beans, lentils are easy to prepare. […]

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Vegan Pumpkin Muffins

People don’t often think of pumpkins for their nutritional value. Low in calories to boot- this vegetable contains vitamins and antioxidants such as lutein, xanthin and carotenes. Here are some other healthy facts about pumpkins: 100 g provides just 26 calories and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol they are one of the food items […]

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