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Our Staff Shares Their Favorite Healthy Snacks

I have a confession to make. When I first embarked on my yoga journey, I never really thought that what I put into (or onto) my body mattered. Of course I knew that you have to eat in order to live, but I had no idea that it was so important to pay attention to the foods that I was eating and how that food ultimately made me feel. I had no idea of the vital role that food plays in all of our lives, but my interest was definitely piqued.

As I dove deeper into my practice, I began to notice what exactly I was putting on my plate. And that’s where it all started; with awareness. I devoured and studied whatever I could get my hands onto as far as food and nutrition goes (as well as yoga…English lit major here!). I spoke to my teachers and the yogis around me and realized that although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to diet, there were some valuable and universal “truths”. I say “truth” because what’s true for me may not be what’s true for you.

Food is deeply personal. I’ve personally tried on a lot of (food) hats and I can only speak for myself when it comes to what feels good and what does not. Although with that said, it can be really fun to get to know what other people eat so you can try it on for yourself to see what works! I asked our staff for some of their healthy snacks because we all know that the food rut struggle is real. So if you’re in need of some munchie inspiration, look no further!

Me (Taylor) ~ cashews and almonds, fruit, Larabars, or diy Lee From America’s Fat Balls (yeah, I know. Just try them!)
Amy A ~ almonds, green juice
Jess ~ Smoothie, mixed nuts, dried fruit
Sandra ~ Peanuts, nuts, pretzel crisps and spicy hummus, dips
Laura ~ Hummus and carrots/celery, olives
Amy B ~ Pumpkin, flax, chia seed bites (yum!)
Allie ~ Almonds, Cashew butter and bananas, spicy pickled veggies from Trader Joe’s, fruit, wasabi peas
Ali ~ cherries (just cherries, she says!)
Sarah ~ Fruit, pretzels and hummus
Jamie ~ Hummus and veggies or pita, apples and nut butter
Becky ~ Avocado
Abby ~ Cucumbers and hummus

I hope this helps ~

Taylor Lawrence, RYT200
Faculty Instructor

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