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Benefits of Doing Yoga with a Partner

Tennis, badminton and ping pong are all sports that come to mind when thinking of activities that can be done with a partner.  Why not add yoga to that list? Most people think of yoga as an activity done solo, but doing yoga with one’s partner is becoming more popular and there are several benefits to boot.

Whether a long-time practitioner, or if one is considering giving yoga a try, here are six benefits that can result when one does yoga with a partner:

Build Trust:

While yoga is what one might consider a “safe” activity, there does need to be a degree of trust for those positions when relying on a partner to keep one from falling over. At first this may be difficult, but it’s a way to let go of the need to be fully independent–at least for the duration of the class–while one learns to rely on a partner. Over time, this deepening of trust between one another will spread over into other areas of one’s personal life.


Most couples are always on-the-go and hardly have time to say much more than the obligatory “hello” and “goodbye,” sweetened with a peck on the cheek, if the clock allows. Careers, children, civic duties and more take up valuable time. While these are all valid reasons for not having much bonding time, it won’t occur unless it gets scheduled. Signing up for a class with a partner is a sure-fire way to get in some guaranteed bonding time.

Open or Enhance the Lines of Non-Verbal Communication:

In partner yoga, couples connect by touching one another and practicing their non-verbal communication skills in order to go through the movements. The more one participates, the better someone gets at reading one another’s facial expressions and body movements, thereby enhancing communication abilities.

Deepen Your Relationship:

Partner yoga provides the ultimate intimate connection and teaches postures that will unite couples physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s a unique way in which one can interact with their partner.

Release Stress and Tension: 

Yoga is known for its ability to help participants release tension and stress, and the same holds true when done in tandem with a partner. If couples have had a nasty fight that was full of harsh words, attending that next yoga class will help couples take the time to release the negative tension from their bodies and replace it with loving, positive energy.

Improve Romance:

Stress, a poor self-image and fatigue are some of the culprits that suppress the desire for romantic moments, and yoga can help to counteract them. By practicing yoga, one will feel and be able to enjoy the physical benefits that yoga produces, including improved muscle control, flexibility and strength. Yoga also teaches us how to “be in the present,” meaning one can spend time focusing on their partner and the experience, rather than planning next week’s grocery list.

Now that it is clear just how great partner yoga can be for relationships, go sign up for a class today. Don’t worry if the first class–or five–find the partners struggling to get the poses right.  Move at an individual pace and work to create an experience that’s great for both so that partners continue the journey to better health and a better relationship by practicing yoga for years to come.



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