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Breaking the Mask Donation Class Benefitting Roots of Recovery

This class will have a breath exercise to help us breathe consciously so that we can calm our minds. After a few warmups to get our spine warm, we will have a yoga set that balances body, mind, and soul and increases mental clarity and physical vitality. Then we will have a deep relaxation to heal. After finishing our deep relaxation, we will do a meditation to break the mask that hides our true self from the world in which we live.

We can be addicted to much more than toxic substances: thought patterns, food issues, substances, relationships, work, IT gadgets and much more. Most of our lives are spent doing things out of habit – how we walk, talk, dress, eat and especially how we think! Some habits are beneficial, but many are not. They tear us down and only give us temporary pleasure. When these self-defeating habits get out of control, they can become addictions. This class focuses on changing the neuron patterning of the brain in order to affect your consciousness so that you can substitute positive habits for self-defeating ones.

This class to open to everyone. No prior experience with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is necessary. You will learn what you need to know in the class. Wear clothing that allows you to moveunnamed comfortably and bring a mat, a cushion to sit on (if needed), a shawl or blanket for deep relaxation and water to drink.

Date & Time

Saturday, April 22
9:00am – 11:00am


This donation class is in support of Roots of Recovery, an organization serving women with substance abuse issues, women with children and pregnant women. 100% of the proceeds benefit Roots of Recovery

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