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Build Some Heat in Hot Slow Mo Flow

All of us here in Wilmington know heat well. For about 6 months out of every year, we are surrounded by heat, and it dictates many aspects of our routines, from how much water we drink, to what clothes we select from our wardrobes, how much time we spend outdoors, and of course how much we invest on our air conditioning bills. Because of this, we may often associate heat with negative energy or aspects of our lives.

If you think of 95 degree heat as too hot for comfort, it may be time to change your mind, and welcome a new experience into your life. Here at WYC, we offer a great selection of hot yoga classes, and coming soon, we will even be expanding and opening a new, state-of-the-art hot yoga studio!

So what are the benefits of practicing yoga in a 95 degree room?

  • Heat warms up your muscles, priming them for asanas.
  • Heat causes you to sweat, which is cleansing to the body.
  • Heat allows you to achieve deep relaxation, as it is detoxifying to both your body and mind.
  • Heat boosts your immune system by elevating white blood cell production while fighting viruses.
  • Heat provides opportunity for deepened muscle stretches, therefore increasing your range of motion and flexibility.

Now, that all makes heat sound quite nice, doesn’t it? In Hot Slow Mo Flow, the heat feels great! The 95 degree room is soothing, just as a sauna is, and allows the tension to ease its way out of your body. The slow, deliberate pacing of the asanas leads you to practice them with precision, and the flow allows you to connect each one with the next. In Hot Slow Mo Flow, the purpose is not just to achieve a pose and then hold it. It is to practice mindful transitions, focusing on the act of moving from one pose to the next, and realizing that each movement and transition you make has the power to deepen and enhance your practice. As you breathe, you’ll focus on making each stretch a little bit fuller through your breath.

If you love the flow and pace of Vinyasa classes, but have never tried a hot yoga class before, Hot Slow Mo Flow is a great class for you to start with. You’ll focus on spinal flexibility and core strength while sweating out toxins and stress, before ending with a relaxing savasana, allowing your body to cool before you exit the room. You’ll leave feeling strong and cleansed.

To try Hot Slow Mo Flow, check it out at these times:

  • Monday 10:00 – 11:00, Level 2
  • Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00, Level 2
  • Friday 10:00 – 11:00, ALL Levels

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