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Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

It seems like just about everyone in the country is looking for a way to lose weight and become healthier. There are diet fads that come and go, fitness trends like CrossFit have grown in popularity since its creation in 2000. But something that a lot of people don’t think of right away for weight loss is practicing yoga. It’s true that yoga is not high intensity or sweat inducing but it does have some benefits to help you lose weight.


A 150-pound person who is practicing yoga will burn about 150 calories an hour. While that doesn’t sound like a lot (the same person who walks for an hour at 3 MPH will burn 311), it is still exercising. Yoga has a way of letting you get in touch with your body which, in turn, helps with weight loss. With the help of a healthy diet, going to yoga on a regular basis will definitely help you lose those unwanted pounds


Yoga also helps strengthen your muscles, helps with posture and balance, and helps reduce stress. All of these things play into your eating habits and how your body digests and stores food and nutrients.

  • Muscle burns more calories than body fat does so becoming stronger will help you lose weight on top of giving you better balance.
  • Some people stress eat. Becoming less stressed will help you stay away from eating too much of the wrong foods.

There are several types of yoga classes to join in order to help you lose those unwanted pounds. Check out our schedule of classes and start your new life today!

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