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Category: Everyday Yoga

Pose of the Week: Utkatasana (Chair Pose or Standing Squat)

Utkatasana (pronounced oot-kah-tahs-anna), also known commonly as Chair Pose, has many benefits.  This pose develops concentration, balance, strength and groundedness.  Chair pose strengthens feet, ankles, knees, shoulders, back and neck. This pose also firms calves, thighs, hips, arms and the abdominal area.  While chair pose provides many muscular benefits, it also increases blood circulation in […]

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Meditation for Sports Performance

Improving one’s sports performance is not only about the physical aspects of practice and exercise. In many cases, it is also about the mental aspects of performing in a sport and keeping up with the competition. Meditation for sports performance is a powerful tool that helps strengthen the mind, improve overall health and offer visualization […]

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Pose of the Week: Navasana (Boat Pose)

Navasana (pronounced nah-VAHS-anna), also known commonly as Boat Pose, has many benefits.  This pose strengthens back muscles and tones abdominal muscles and abdominal viscera (the internal organs enclosed within the abdominal cavity).  Boat pose allows the kidneys to cleanse themselves with a fresh blood supply, aiding in the elimination of toxins.  This pose also aligns […]

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Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Upper Back

With all the activities one engages in on a daily basis, back pain can easily develop. Some daily postures cause unwanted stretching of one’s back muscles and can result in unbearable pain. If this pain is not addressed in its in its early stages, it can result in a more severe condition. Rest assured- there […]

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Teaching Yoga: Class, Book or DVD?

If you’re a yoga instructor, most certainly you have considered which means is the best way to help teach proper form. Whether your teaching involves live classes, working as a personal instructor, writing yoga books or creating a series of DVDs, you’re going to run up against a different set of obstacles and challenges. It […]

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Yoga for Cyclists

Cyclists become some of the strongest athletes around because most muscle groups are used to power a bicycle. In addition to leg muscles, cyclists use muscles in the arms, neck, back and hips. These muscle groups need to be stretched, kept active and flexible so that they stay healthy, and yoga is a great way […]

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Choosing a Yoga Mat

There are many types and kinds of yoga mats available on the market.  This can often lead to confusion over which mat is the right mat.  Fortunately, learning about the types of products available can help narrow the choices and make the process of finding the perfect yoga mat a little easier. Eco-Friendly Mats Eco-friendly […]

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6 Ways to Fit Yoga Classes Into Your Day

When fall comes knocking, it is extremely important to stay in shape. With weather changes, one finds it harder to workout outside because the colder days can be difficult for some to physically tolerate. An easy solution to this problem is to find time for studio-based yoga classes. Yoga is a great way to stay […]

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Give the Gift of Yoga!

To Yourself! To celebrate the new year and help you commit to your practice, we are offering a yearly Unlimited Membership at a significantly reduced rate! Expand your practice with unlimited classes. Yearly Unlimited Membership – Only $970!!! Sign up now and save over $70 a month! This is your last chance to SAVE!! Prices […]

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Five Reasons to do Yoga

Five Reasons to do Yoga “Yoga” seems to be popping up everywhere these days. Classes are held at just about every gym and new studios are spouting up in towns large and small. But just what makes yoga such a popular activity? Well, it’s relaxing, improves your muscle coordination and helps you connect with your […]

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