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Children And Yoga

As we read in our previous blog, yoga can have several benefits including helping with chronic conditions, gaining fitness levels and relieving stress. But there is more good news! According to a recent Forbes article, research is proving that yoga can be beneficial to kids as well as adults. Because yoga is said to be a great stress reliever, the study suggests that students who practice yoga are less likely to drop out of school. Let Wilmington Yoga Center explain why this is the case.
As we all know, school seems to be getting harder and harder for kids today. It seems like their homework is never ending and we have long since been able to help them with it. It is like we are in school all over again. It is no wonder our children are stressed out. With the pressure from parents to do well and the pressure of classmates along with it, it can be overwhelming. By adding something like yoga to their lives, you can help them alleviate some of that stress and help them focus better while in school. Which brings us to…
Yoga requires a lot of meditation and focus to be able to get the benefits from it. It is extremely hard for children to sit still for an extended period of time which is why they are often distracted in school. Practicing yoga teaches children how to relax and stay still which can be transferred to the classroom.
Having both of these traits are beneficial to children because they will feel like they are succeeding in school rather than feeling like they are failing and eventually drop out of school entirely. If you would like to help your child with school, bring them into Wilmington Yoga Studio and we will bring out the yogi in them!

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