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Flexibility Has Its Advantages

Yoga invigorates the mind, body and soul. One of the physical benefits of practicing yoga is that it increases flexibility in the muscles, which can parlay into a variety of other health benefits. That being said, some might feel that flexibility isn’t important, not for them or they won’t want to make it a priority. So let’s take a look at why being flexible has so many benefits…

• Fewer aches and pains: Exercises like yoga work to loosen muscles that might get tight. This in turn, leads to fewer aches and pains. Why? Because when practicing yoga, not only are muscles being loosened, but they are also being opened and lengthened, which helps to improve bone alignment. Doing so can help reduce ailments like back pain and muscle tightening.

• Fewer pulled muscles: It’s common for athletes to stretch before sporting events to prevent pulled muscles, cramping muscles or muscles from tightening. A pulled muscle can happen anywhere, whether doing chores around the house or out for a stroll in the neighborhood. Stretching out muscles regularly loosens the muscles, thereby making the chances of pulling a muscle – no matter what one is doing – less likely.

• Better posture: If aches and pains don’t get resolved, they can lead to poor overall posture- which may include hunching, limping, walking gingerly, sitting in only certain positions and more. Keeping the muscles healthy and flexible aids in preventing poor posture.

• Heart health: Yes, being flexible is good for the heart. Why? Flexibility has been proven to reduce arterial stiffness, which can lead to heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. Yoga is often on the list of physician recommended activities to help fend off heart issues.

• Improved moods: As already stated, yoga is an exercise designed to invigorate the mind, body and soul, but that’s not all. Research has shown that people who regularly stretch to improve muscle flexibility find such exercises relaxing – both mentally and physically. Being relaxed always helps one’s mental state.

• Improved balance: One of the biggest dangers to senior citizens is their increased risk of falling, especially when compared to younger populations. One way to reduce this risk is to add flexibility exercises into normal routines, as doing so will improve one’s balance.

Stretching and the practice of yoga ensure that muscle flexibility is a priority. Making flexibility a must allows for continued mobility as aging occurs, the lessened chance of joint pain dictating daily activities and will overall enhances one’s quality of life.

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