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Having fun during "bath time"

Washing an ElephantAs part of preparations for overseas yoga retreat, we always try scout out our retreat locations to insure the our participants will have the best experience possible.  For our Kunga Journeys Service & Yoga Retreat to Chiang Mai, Thailand coming up, we had an amazing experience at the Elephant Conservatory.  Besides while feeding & cleaning the elephants, we got to witness the true personality that these amazing creatures exhibit and the joy they feel when doing things they love.

We are so excited to get to return to the Elephant Conservatory in January for our yoga retreat, and we can’t wait to let some of the participants get their hands dirty, in a fun way.

This video clip shows a Sister & her little Brother playing in their “bathtub” while their mom looks on. About 1 minute in to the video is when their sibling playfulness really shows.

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