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Health Benefits of Yoga, Part 3

Regular yoga practice has been shown to produce a large number of health benefits, and scientific studies are discovering more and more health benefits by the year. In the third post in our multi-part series on the health benefits of yoga, we’ll be exploring another three health benefits of regularly attending yoga classes. Wilmington Yoga Center is your number one yoga training and yoga teacher training resource in North Carolina. Now that we’re starting a new year, be sure to check out our 30 days for $30 deal. If you’re considering taking the leap from student to teacher, don’t miss our Mindfulness + the Eightfold Path Teacher Training Program beginning in February.

Immune System Benefits

The holidays are notorious for producing high levels of stress and sugary foods, which both can be detrimental to your immune system. If you’ve been struggling with a post-holiday case of the sniffles, attending yoga classes might be able to help you. Regular yoga and meditation practice have been shown to boost the functionality and resilience of the immune system. Yoga’s immune system benefits likely come from lowering stress levels, which can seriously compromise your body’s ability to fight off viruses. Numerous scientific studies have shown that yoga is an excellent way to lower your overall stress levels.

If you’re struggling with stuffy sinuses, the downward-facing dog pose might be able to help you by increasing blood flow to the head and sinuses. Additionally, the deep breathing practices involved in yoga can help you keep your lungs clear. If you’re feeling up to it, hot yoga can be a fantastic way to clear your lungs and detox your body.

Increased Heart Rate

Many forms of yoga count as aerobic exercise and are great for maintaining a healthy heart. Even if you’re doing low-impact yoga exercises that aren’t substantially increasing your heart rate, yoga can still be beneficial for your heart and it can also improve your cardiovascular capacity. Several recent studies have found that regularly practicing both aerobic and non-aerobic forms of yoga tends to lower the body’s resting heart rate.


Most people probably don’t think of belonging to a community as a health benefit, but it turns out that having a strong sense of community can provide you with some amazing direct and indirect health benefits. A direct benefit of belonging to a community is a boost in your mental well-being. Having a supportive network of friends can help you reduce your stress levels and it can also increase your overall life satisfaction.

Numerous studies have shown that we’re more motivated to maintain our goals and commitments when we belong to a group; we’re often more okay with letting ourselves down than we are with letting others down. Moreover, becoming a part of a supportive network of friends and teachers will greatly benefit your yoga practice by allowing you to receive help and constructive critiques with your form and practice, which will in turn promote your general health.

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