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Hot Power Flow Yoga Class

Hot Power Flow Yoga Class

Our Hot Power Flow Yoga class is one of four signature HOT yoga classes we offer at the Wilmington Yoga Center!

Hot Yoga and Power Vinyasa rolled into one scrumptious hot yoga class! Practicing power flow in a room heated to 99+ degrees will give you purifying, heat building practice that will stretch and strengthen as you release impurities from your body. Mix classes fuse teachings from various methods/styles of yoga for a new experience every time!

Learn more about our Hot Power Flow yoga class by reading more here or watching the video below!

A special THANK YOU to all of our participants from our community who helped the making of this film!  In no particular order:

  • Joshua Prindiville
  • Heather Metzler, 200RYT
  • Amy Andrews, 200RYT
  • Lexi Paulos, 200RYT
  • Sean Hickey
  • Lon Layton
  • Stuart Capps, 200RYT
  • Keegan White, 200RYT

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