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June Kunga Theme: Motivation to Serve

Motivation is a powerful tool for creating lasting personal change and for serving others. The extent to which we can sustain our motivation determines whether or not we realize our life goals for ourselves, and our goals for serving our family, our community, our planet, etc. Yoga teaches that there are three “gunas” or three basic energies that run through the natural world: the energy of rajas – passion & drive, energy of tamas – passivity & inertia, and the energy of sattva – clarity and peacefulness. When “tamasic” energy is high, we often lack motivation, feel stuck, resist change, etc and therefore lose our motivation. In order to cultivate balance for this dulling energy, we work to incorporate more “rajasic” practices, foods, activities in our life so that the drive to create positive change resurges as motivation to serve ourselves and each other. The benefits of motivation are infinite, and can change our lives and the lives around us.

According to motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, the following benefits of motivation can be motivators within themselves!


Motivated people think more clearly. They focus more intellectual resources on their current project, and the result is more creativity.


People who are motivated actually need less sleep – not because they’re on a constant adrenaline rush, but because they possess a genuine, energizing excitement.


Motivated folks have discovered that flexibility is a developed skill that does not depend on circumstances. When their circumstances change, they’re more open to bending to deal with the situation rather than being rigid about an outcome.


People who have a positive feeling about their life and its potential have reason to get and stay healthy. They have experienced the difference in energy and healthfulness during non – motivated times and they prefer the motivated lifestyle.


Motivation is self – perpetuating. It gathers speed as it rolls along in offices, homes, and communities. Living out your motivation gets easier because it becomes a habit.


Motivated individuals have found out that optimism opens more dorrs than negativity. They have discovered a life pattern of finding the silver lining or the potential in any turn of events. They aren’t thrown off course by change. They find the good in everything.


Motivated people get more done. They move with a spring in their step and they attack tasks with enthusiasm. They move quickly, deliberately, and with a concern for maintaing a can – do attitude along the way.


Folks with motivation are focused and not easily distracted or dissuaded from their destinations. They are tuned in to the object of their motivation.”

– Zig Ziglar

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Practice Suggestions for Cultivating Motivation to Serve!

1. Get Moving! Use your yoga mat as an opportunity to put forth a little more physical effort in your postures (asanas) and increase your stamina. Hold every pose this month for 2 breaths longer than you think you can, and hold for someone else! Incorporate long holds to elevate your ability to sustain when things get challenging.

2. Go for a Motivation Walk with a Playlists of your Favorite Life Theme songs! Some suggestions:

Motivation Inspiration Playlist

-You Gotta Be. Des’ree

-We will Rock You. Queen

-It’s My Life. Bon Jovi

-I will Survive. Gloria Gaynor

-I can See Clearly Now. Johnny Nash

-Hero. Mariah Carey

-Man IN the Mirror. Michael Jackson

-Lose Yourself. Eminem

-I Feel Good. James Brown

-With My Own Two Hands. Ben Harper

-Is Love Enough? Michael Franti

3. Associate with Motivated People

4. Consciously practice smiling more and using positive languaging. Practice smiling meditation, whether sitting quietly with eyes closed, or just walking throughout your daily activities.

5. Dress in a way that helps you to feel confident, motivated, ready for your day.

6. Meditate your motives for your motivation. If your motivation is ultimately to serve, ask yourself if todays decisions and actions are steps along the path to ultimately serve all.

7. Finally – Sustain Motivation through active Gratitude Practice. Make mental or written lists of the many things we all have to feel grateful for, right now, in this moment. Let that gratitude be the springboard for motivating all of your wonderful goals to serve!


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