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Leaf International Music-the girls drumming!

Leaf International is an incredible outreach program set up to bring instruments/music/and teachers to children all of the world in need as a mean of healing. We’re here w/Johnny, the girls music teacher, working on how to plant the seeds for a successful long term Leaf International program at Home of Hope orphanage.

Much to our surprise, we found out that Sophie, one of the nuns, used to be in a BAND! and played jazz drum kit! Who says the sisters don’t got soul!?? We were so excited to find this out b/c she can also teach the girls tabla drumming. Also, any funds that may go to her as the “music mentor” would be funneled right back into supporting the orphanage!!This we felt was fantastic on all levels, especially in a culture where mostly only the men play. So excited to think of more women drumming….

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