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About our Expansion and new Hot Yoga Studio

We are on the final countdown with construction until the grand “re-opening” of the Wilmington Yoga Center’s new facilities! Check out what’s to come!

The “Nuts & Bolts” of the new Wilmington Yoga Center Expansion

  • Approximately 5,000 Square Feet: One of the largest yoga schools in Southeastern United States
  • Approximately 100 classes per week
  • Two Large Sunlit Studios-one dedicated to year-round yoga teacher trainings and workshops
  • Additional Large State-of-the-art HotYoga Studio with 40 warm and hot yoga classes weekly
  • Green Initiatives: Radiant thermal barrier, waterless urinals, recycled flooring, no VOC paints, energy efficient lighting, reclaimed furnishings, water bottle refilling station
  • Optimal cleanliness: Anti-microbrial flooring, hospital-grade air filtration and fresh air circulation
  • Beautiful bathrooms with showers and vanity stations
  • Plenty of storage and lockers
  • Spacious lobby and benches
  • Retail boutique
  • Local artwork
  • Coconut water/juice station
  • High quality rental mats & towels
  • Workshops & teacher trainings offered every weekend

Planning the hot yoga expansion…

In the summer of 2011, after almost 12 years of operation, we decided to take the plunge to expand our 3,000 square foot yoga center into a 5,000 square foot center. We had outgrown our current operation, the hot yoga trend was sweeping the nation, and we were getting more requests for more of our yoga teacher training and lifestyle programs.

Hot_Yoga_Research_Wilmington_NCIn July, 2011 we began the initial research and design process for a unique new yoga center model that incorporated 3 studios, including a state-of-the-art hot yoga facility as well as a full fledged year-round yoga school for teacher training and lifestyle workshops to cater to the southeastern states. In the summer & fall of 2011, we began taking research trips to yoga studios in some of our favorite cities including Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, enjoying seeing the many new models for studio architecture and design.

The winter 2011 became our “buckle down” time for the floorplan design preliminaries, and after many reiterations into the spring and summer of 2012, we were able to finalize the center into the most complete yoga center we could create, with a grand re-opening of September 2012.

About the NEW Wilmington Yoga Center!

Hot Yoga Studio Plans Wilmington NCOur new center is approximately 5,000 square feet, with three sunlit yoga studios, including a state-of-the-art hot yoga studio, expanded bathrooms with showers and vanity stations, expanded lobby, sitting and storage areas, and retail boutique.

Studio 1: Yoga Training Studio
One of our studios is dedicated to our Kunga Yoga Teacher Training School and many other top-notch holistic lifestyle workshops, retreats, and trainings. This studio is surrounded by large open windows, high ceilings, non-toxic paint, surround sound system, and is filled with natural light. It is outfitted for presentations and A/V needs and the perfect setting for trainings and workshops. Yoga teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats are held year-round in this studio in weekend, weeklong, and month long formats. Approximately 20 specialty yoga classes are held weekly in this studio including our intro series, kids and family yoga programs.

Studio 2: Hot Yoga Studio
Our second studio is a large, 1200 square foot, state-of-the-art hot yoga studio with radiant heating and optimal technology including a radiant vapor barrier and thermal barrier for heating efficiency. The technology systems in the hot yoga studio control humidity, sanitation, oxygen and fresh air circulation. The radiant panel heating system heats the room surfaces to heat the air (similar to how sunlight coming through a window heats a room). This radiant heat is a different, more efficient heating method than traditional forced air systems that blow dry heated air. The hot yoga studio has large open windows, high ceilings, non-toxic paint, a surround sound system and cushioned, anti-bacterial flooring. Classes in the hot yoga studio range from 85 to 105 degrees and 40-50% humidity. Approximately 40 warm, hot, and “max-hot” yoga classes are offered weekly in this studio from 6am to 9pm. Learn more about our hot yoga classes

Studio 3: Non-Hot Yoga Studio
Our third studio is a large, 1200 square foot, non-heated yoga studio surrounded by large, tree-filled windows that open to the outdoors. This studio has high ceilings, non-toxic paint, surround-sound system, and cushioned, anti-bacterial flooring. Approximately 40 yoga classes are offered weekly in this studio from 6am to 9pm.

Features of the new Wilmington Yoga Center include…

Hot Studio:

  • Infrared radiant heat for silent, maintenance free operation; no forced dry air
  • Humidity controlled for optimum yoga practice environment and mold/mildew prevention
  • Fresh air monitoring to maintain proper fresh-air levels based on LEED Healthy Building standards
  • Hospital grade air filtration
  • Thoroughly insulated for heating efficiency
  • Anti-microbial, cushioned flooring
  • Surround-sound stereo system
  • No/low VOC paints (non-toxic)


  • Anti-microbial, cushioned flooring
  • Surround-sound stereo systems
  • Sunlit windows that open with treetop views
  • No/low VOC paints (non-toxic)

Expanded Bathrooms:

  • 4 showers
  • Waterless urinals & additional stalls
  • Dual Vanity station for women including hairdryers
  • Granite counters & tile
  • Motion-sensing lights & fans to reduce energy usage

Revamped Lobby & Retail Boutique:

  • Recycled carpeting & flooring
  • Additional cubbies and benches
  • Lockers & expanded cubby & seating space
  • Coconut water and juice service
  • Refillable water bottle station


Our Expansion Team!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to our amazing team of architects, designers, building contractors, neighbors, students, teachers and staff for all of the guidance, expertise, passion and enthusiasm they provided in supporting the building of our center. Many of the members of our expansion team are also long-time students of the Wilmington Yoga Center which allowed them to contribute valuable insights not only in their field of expertise, but also as yoga practitioners. For over one year this team has worked long and hard supporting the project from start to finish and we couldn’t have done it without them!

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