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Rice paddy hospitality

Enjoyed a great trip to Chittur, Pallakkad, to stay with our new friend, Ashok. He emailed me only a month before our trip in trying to find yoga resources in America. Once we told him we were coming to Kerala soon, we had an instant invitation to stay with him and his family on their rice & coconut farm.
It was very humbling to sleep in the families home, and have his mother make amazing Kerala dishes for us, and teach us to make rice noodles. All of the fruits, vegetables, spices come straight from the farm, and Ashok’s whole family lives off of $50 per month-mother, father, Ashok, his brother, brother’s wife, and small boy. The home is quiet, clean, and simple. And I’ll never forget the look on Loren’s face in the middle of the night, returning from the “outhouse” and terrified that he may have a spider on his body somewhere after walking through a web along the path (I married a city boy ? ). When I got back safely from my midnight trip to the toilet, he quietly said, “I prayed for you”, which of course made me laugh hysterically at 3am…

Ashok’s father is a guru and has a sweet little ashram that he invited us to. We meditated with Ashok in the “cave” a meditation room meant to simulate the spaces that sadhus inhabit in the Himilayan mountains. His father has taught for over 30 years, dedicated to the traditional teachings.

We also learned basic Kalari (Indian martial arts) moves from Ashoks teacher, and received more ayurvedic treatments at his very simple shala. Loren’s first experienced getting oiled up and walked on…

Thank you, Ashok, for your amazing hospitality and sharing your home!

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