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Starter Yoga Kit 101

Interested in taking up yoga, but don’t know where to begin? Or possibly looking to inspire a loved one to give yoga a try? Either way, a starter kit is needed!

It’s important to know what gear is best for beginners as one tries out this ancient spiritual craft. Certain accessories are helpful to a yoga practice and will help one master the different yoga positions. In no time, new yoga equipment will feel like old friends and one will have developed a practice that is meaningful.

These items will help the journey begin:

  • Yoga Mat — A mat is a yoga essential, no matter how new one is to the practice or how advanced one might be. A yoga mat allows one to be calm, comfortable and rested while doing positions on the floor. The texture of the mat helps aid in balance and can prevent people from falling. At the same time, these mats are hygienic. Rented mats are typically available, but most people feel most comfortable and relaxed when they are working on their own personal mat. According to Spirit Voyage, there are many different factors to consider when choosing a mat, including texture, thickness and weight. Consider your own personal needs and wants when choosing a mat.
  • Yoga Belt — Active.com recommends a yoga belt for those who are new or starting out with beginner-level yoga. These belts help aid someone new with achieving positions, even if they are not as flexible as someone who is more experienced. The yoga belt can be used by anyone and an instructor can help the new yogi use these belts safely and effectively. Some people always rely on their belt depending on their physical limitations, while others will develop more flexibility along the way and no longer require a belt. On the flip, even advanced yogis continue to use a belt to help them settle deeper into certain poses and positions.
  • Yoga Block — The yoga block is another great prop that beginners will use more often than expert yogis. The block is placed on the floor of the person who is practicing- usually directly in front or off to the side of the person. It is used as a way to prop one up and achieve a position while developing flexibility. People who are new to yoga and are not as flexible might have a more difficult time reaching and stretching completely to the floor. A yoga block can help a new yogi achieve the desired position without hurting themselves or working their bodies too hard.
  • Clothing — Soft, flexible and light clothing is best for yoga. For pants, many people use yoga pants or yoga capris, as they are form fitting, while at the same time allowing the person to move freely. Tank tops and T-shirts work well with yoga, and a nice pullover fleece is the perfect way to transition into the studio.

There is no need to spend a fortune getting the best gear to begin a practice or to create a gift for a friend. Starter accessories do not cost as much as equipment that is geared toward expert level yogis. At the same time, this equipment will grow with each individual until one is ready to move on to more experienced yoga instruction and invest in different types of equipment. These tools are quite literally the building blocks of yoga and will help one master the skills needed to move forward. While many yoga studios offer this type of gear to their guests, it is always helpful to have a personal set of yoga equipment, thereby allowing one to master their practice whenever and wherever one wants.

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