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The Inward Journey

FREE Guided Meditation to Support Homes of Hope India

Explore the inward journey through meditation. Initially opening with a brief introduction and intention, the meditation will begin with a singing crystal bowl + conclude with a silent mediation.

Meditation is a state of awareness existing in a calm, silent + alert mind. A simple + profound practice, it can prove quite challenging when first undertaken. However, surrendering to the practice is actually effortless. It’s benefits are numerous and expansive. They include stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, decreased tension related pain, increased serotonin production, improved immune system function, increased energy level, decreased anxiety, increased emotional stability, increased creativity, increased happiness, intuition development, clarity, peace of mind and increased mental focus.

Donations for this class will benefit the Homes of Hope Orphanages in India.

Saturday, May 2


About Robinson
Robinson has been utilizing various meditation techniques since 1995 and practicing yoga since 2002. His focus in yoga is in maintaining optimal physical health and recovery, while expanding and deepening a spiritual practice. He has lived and continues to live a diverse life involving demanding physical and mental disciplines. In a constant search for mental and emotional balance both professionally and personally, his heart lies in sharing yoga and meditation to those who have a desire for growth and understanding.

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