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The space between

The tendency in our practice is to pay attention to the postures themselves and not so much to the spaces in between. In yoga, we await the cue for the next pose; we often rush to the next thing in our lives. We leave one relationship or job and immediately we are on to the next one. We finish one chore and, right away, dive into the next thing on the list.

I teach a vinyasa style of yoga where sequences of breath paired with synchronized movements are used to transition between held postures. At the surface, it appears as though it is the postures that are of utmost importance to the practice. But the transition between postures are postures in themselves. The moments between the poses create a moving meditation that reveal all forms as impermanent but still a part of the process.

The illusion is that the posture ends. The reality is that the posture never ends. It just shifts from one form to the next, one lesson to the next, one opportunity to the next. Transitions are the places where something is actually happening. They are the places of movement.

Transitions connect us to the bigger picture. How we approach the tunnel of transition to our end result reflects how we move through life. If we can learn to embrace the process of movement, of transition, on our mat wholeheartedly with intention and purpose we can learn to embrace those undefined, more ambiguous moments in our lives, inhabiting our lives in its fullness. The prize is in the process.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not. Whether you’re living in your dream home or with your parents. Whether you are where you want to be or not. We are always in a posture. Perhaps it seems like we are in a space between one place and the next. But that place is still a part of the transitory pose. The illusion is that there is separation, levels of importance, beginnings and endings. Yoga imparts to us that the posture is, in actuality, endless.

So enjoy each and every day. Each part of the process is a moment. A pose. Worth pausing for. Often, we don’t take the time to pause and reflect. The holiday season can be a wonderful time to give yourself that chance to reconnect to yourself and your practice. We have several upcoming Thanksgiving offerings. Maybe this Thanksgiving, take time for yourself in the space between family gatherings and grand feasts to join us on the mat for our extended practices.

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