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The Wilmington Vegan Group and Vegelicious Living Workshop

The Wilmington Yoga Center will be hosting the Wilmington Vegan group on August 3, 2014 for a potluck celebrating the publication of their first vegan dining guide.

Local resident Sue Cag founded the Wilmington Vegan group in 2011. The Wilmington Vegan group is dedicated to providing resources and information for both longtime and new vegans and to cultivate a vibrant local community. Through numerous projects, the Wilmington Vegan group furthers their goals.

Wilmington Vegan’s mentor program ensures that those who are new to veganism are provided with all the support and guidance they need as volunteer mentors are paired with those who are making new food choices. At the annual Earth Day Festival, the Wilmington Vegan group presents an educational display, handouts about veganism and coloring books for children. The Wilmington Vegan group also publishes a bi-weekly newsletter, which keeps the community informed about local events and includes information about current projects and recent blog posts.

The Wilmington Vegan group’s dining guide includes local restaurant listings, business listings and community information about vegan living in the area.

In addition to the celebratory potluck on August 3, 2014, the Wilmington Yoga Center is hosting the Vegelicious Living workshop August 1-3, 2014.

Christine Waltermyer will lead the Vegelicious Living workshop. Christine is the founder and owner of The Natural Kitchen Cooking School. She is also the author of The Natural Vegan Kitchen. With over a decade of experience in the field of natural cooking, Christine is a masterful chef and teacher, specializing in macrobiotic and vegan cuisines.

Students attending this workshop will learn:

1. To enhance digestion while lowering blood sugar.
2. To enhance immunity and energy.
3. To develop inner calmness.
4. To make healthy eating pleasurable and fun.
5. To find inner focus and clarity.

Students will learn which foods will keep them strong, flexible, youthful and glowing from the inside out, while learning how to incorporate foods into one’s menus in a delicious way!





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