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The W’s Of Hot Yoga

Most of us have heard the term hot yoga but do you actually know what it means? Why would someone want to do that kind of exercise? We want to tell you about how it can help you get the results you are looking for and why you should come join us for a hot yoga class.


Hot yoga is just like regular yoga except for the climate in which you practice it. You usually are in a studio that has the heat cranked up and is very humid. The room is usually set at 105 degrees with a humidity level of at least 40%. You practice yoga in these conditions for about 90 minutes.


It is believed that by doing this, you are able to increase your flexibility. A lot of yogis participate in hot yoga because it is great for detoxification. With the heavy sweating, you are able to get the toxins out of your skin. It also creates an atmosphere where your heart rate elevates which helps burn more calories.


It is important to note here that hot yoga is not for everyone. Even some of the most fit athletes cannot handle the heat and intensity of hot yoga. People who are prone to heat related illnesses should talk with their doctor before signing up for a class. Also, women who are pregnant should also refrain from attending a hot yoga class.

If you think that a hot yoga class is just the thing for you, contact Wilmington Yoga Center or stop in for a class today!

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