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Trickling In

We have arrived! And are still arriving… one by one. Seems like the holiday weather in the States gave everyone an opportunity to practice santosha, the practice of contentment with the present. All of the canceled & delayed flights, lost luggage & mixed navigation in a foreign land… Everyone has a travel story with the happy ending of “We’re here!”.

Where is here?
For those not familiar with the layout of India and where the orphanage is in relation to… say… Mumbia… here is a link to a map of the overall country with a “pin” on the Home of Hope. For the record, we have felt totally safe here and have been received with nothing courtesy and bobbling smiles.

Next stop… the orphanage!

Interesting cultural awareness photo:
Photo of the Flight info “channel” on our transatlantic flight to Dubia… along with air speed, trip duration, and estimated time of arrival.

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