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We've arrived!!

Tara & Kristin at Home of Hope Orphanage

Kochi, Kerala
Southern India
Jan 5…..

More to come later, but here’s a quick photo tour of some of the highlights and some of the little faces. Their stories are varied-Sister Anna showed us news footage of “Chinju” a “forest child” that was discovered living in the woods with her 3 brothers. Her mother and father had left the forest with child #5 because he was sick, and they tried to get him to the doctor (he did not live).

They did not have the money to go back to the forest after taking the child to the hospital, and so Chinju and her brothers were left to survive on their own. She is amazing and can climb the trees to fetch jackfruit for the Sisters. She reminds us of a smiling little monkey w/a mischevious grin and sparkle in her eyes. “Marina” is a 13 year old who just returned yesterday from the hospital for stitches in her leg (she fell) and her English is almost impeccable for her age. Her mother Bianca, a local house maid, is visiting her this week and staying with us at the orphanage and both Bianca and Marina are so happy to be with each other. Marina’s father was a “drunkard” according to her mother, and this is how he died. Now Bianca just wants to continue cleaning, and make sure her daughters have a good life. She hopes that Marina will come to college in America and become a nurse.

(Loren=when I asked Marina how long she was staying, she said, until Saturday, so I can meet your husband. πŸ™‚

Despite their histories, they really are truly happy, healthy children. It’s incredible how organized and structured the whole facility is and how disciplined they are, and also how well they work with each other and share all things. They radiate all day long-skipping, dancing, singing, laughing, hugging, kissing, creating new hair do’s on Tara and I and TALKING!!! It’s true what they say about females in groups!! There’s no such thing as “quiet time” around here!
We are amazed by their joy and thrilled to be here with them.

Daily Activities include:

  • 5:30 am-Morning Hygeine-
  • Wake and fold up mats from sleeping on floor
  • Morning Prayer w/Sister Sophie
  • Teeth brushing, face washing, doing each others hair6-7am-Morning Mass & Breakfast
  • This weekend is “holiday” -play time on Sat and Sun-but still studying to be done, cleaning, washing clothes, sweeping, etc…
  • Practiced Ashtanga Primary series on terrace w/them after washing clothes on the stone rocks-
  • also partner yoga-
  • They shared w/us traditional indian dances and songs they have learned in school-
Paul Uncle-

they miss you so very much and are so proud of the many things you’ve been the catalyst for-they keep talking about the computers, the jeep, the water filtration…they are practicing their band routine right now as we type-preparing a special performance for you for the next time that you come. Some have rhythm and some sound like dying elephants on tuba. Senior Sister was walking around w/fingers in her ears. They are such blossoming little souls.
Loren Uncle
they have seen your photos and are excitedly awaiting your arrival!! They have many Sisters around, and female figures, and are always asking about “husband??”
Tara and I are “AUNTIE!! AUNTIE!! AUNTIE!! they must scream 1000 times per day.

Tonight we head to Kovalum (5 hour drive) to meet up w/Sonia & Shiva, and probably won’t post again for 2-3 days.

Love to you all from Tara & I!

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