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What Does Kunga Mean?

It’s not uncommon for there to be classes on Wilmington Yoga Center’s schedule that are described as Kunga classes. But “Kunga” is not a word that describes a particular type or style of yoga. So what exactly does it mean?

Kunga is a Kinyarwandan word that means “to help” or “to serve.” When combined with the physical practice of yoga, it becomes a truly beautiful and meaningful concept. First, when we practice yoga, we serve ourselves. We take the time to honor our bodies and refresh our minds. As we learn to honor and serve ourselves, we in turn can learn how to better serve others. By practicing yoga, we can learn to be more true to ourselves, so that we can be a better example to others both on and off the mat.

Any time you see a class on the schedule that is labeled as a Kunga class, this does not mean that there will be a difference in the physical practice and sequence of the class. However, this does mean that there will be a difference in the intention. When you attend a Kunga class, we encourage you to think about, and meditate on, the concepts of peace and compassion towards others.We encourage you to take these concepts off of your mat and into the world, and to carry with you the spirit of love and healing that yoga fosters. Each Kunga yoga class holds the intention of service to oneself, the community, and the world.

In the spirit of compassion towards others, we also donate 5% of the proceeds of each Kunga yoga class to charity. Proceeds from Kunga yoga classes and projects at WYC have benefited children and families around the world, including the Home of Hope Orphanage in Kerala, India.

To participate in a Kunga yoga class, please check our class schedule and look for the word “Kunga” before the name of the class- Kunga Hot Power Flow, Kunga Basic Flow, Kunga Hot Slow Flow- are just a few!

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