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Writing + Meditation to Find Your Voice with Tatum Fjerstad, RYT200 – March 2016

Radically redesign your relationship with the word “focus,”

In a world of status updates, snaps, instagrams and tweets, it seems like we’re constantly sharing and writing. But when’s the last time you sat down to listen to and record the stories you’re telling yourself? By doing this, you can unleash creativity, eradicate falsehoods and build a stronger, more fluid life for yourself.

In this workshop, we will radically redesign our relationship with the word “focus,” (it’s not what you think!) and learn how to check in with ourselves in a true, raw, unedited way. As a group, we will practice sensory meditations, vedic meditation and a series of free­writing exercises to hear stories we tell, blast through blocks and step into the knowing that the inner teacher truly is a brilliant ally. You will leave the class with an understanding of what it takes to maintain a consistent writing and meditation practice that will surely allow them to step boldly into new chapters of their lives.

All levels are welcome, but students who are new to meditation and writing often reap the greatest rewards.

Please bring: a pen, a journal and an open mind. We won’t be practicing asana, but you should be prepared to sit comfortably.

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About Tatum Fjerstad, RYT200

Tatum Fjerstad is a recovering people pleaser and social media addict. She is, however, mostly a human being teaching other human beings how to be okay with being human. She does this through movement, meditation, and writing. Tatum obtained her 200­hour YTT certification at Yoga Center of Minneapolis and honed her practice and teaching skills at Your Yoga and with Elena Brower. After living in NYC for two years, holding down five jobs and hustling like a boss, she decided to hit the road to see the country and learn more about what it is she really wants from life. To learn more about Tatum, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and at tatumfjerstad.com.

Date & Time

Saturday, March 26
9:00am – 11:00am


*Suggested donation $25

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