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Yoga Etiquette

intro-to-yoga-seriesYoga Etiquette isn’t just for the new students of yoga. It’s for EVERYONE!! Here’s a list of suggestions for yoga etiquette to enhance your experience and everyone around you too.

Enter Class Quietly and Arrive 5-10 Minutes Early

The studio is a sacred space students are using to decompress from the day and some are already in meditation. When entering, enter quietly and settle down quickly. Please unroll your mat quietly without slamming it onto the floor and keep your movement within the studio to a minimum to not disrupt the class. Do not walk in during opening meditation for any reason at all. As a teacher I can tell you that nothing is more disruptive during opening meditation than a student coming into class late no matter how quietly they they think they are. It distracts the teacher and the other students. Please respect everyone and enter after the class has omed. How late is too late to enter a class after it has started? We do not allow students to come into class 15 minutes after class begins otherwise, students have missed the crucial warm-up and could put themselves in danger.

Respect Your Teacher

Your teacher has put a lot of time into creating her/his class. You can respect her/him by following along and taking modifications when necessary. I’m a big believer in allowing the student to take liberty during a class adding in variations within the sequence or modifying if needed but not at the expense of the class. Do not do your own series during a guided class as it is distracting to the teacher and the students. If your needs were not met during the class, consider taking from another teacher so that you get your needs met without disrupting the class.

Avoid Teaching Other Students During Class

I get it. You’ve brought your friend or spouse to their very first yoga class and you have the best intentions of showing them downward facing dog or you are in a power class and you just want to help your friend get into that inversion. But unless you are a certified yoga teacher, do not offer your teaching skills. (and even if you are a certified yoga teacher, you are there as a student and not a teacher. Let the teacher do their job.) It’s not that we are afraid you’ll scoop up our students with your magnificent teaching skills, it’s that it could be potentially harmful and while we as teachers are covered under our liability forms and insurance, you are not. Also, it’s very distracting to the teacher and the other students.

Saucha or Cleanliness

Oh the importance of coming to class clean. If you missed my previous blog on saucha you can read it here. But a little recap is to come to class wearing clean clothes, skip the heavy perfumes or essential oils but please wear deodorant, use a clean yoga towel and consider airing out your yoga mat from time to time. Your fellow yogis will thank you! Also, leave your shoes in the lobby. Do you know what’s on the bottom of your shoes? A whole lotta funk that is best left off the studio floor.

Turn Off Your Cell Phone and Leave It In The Lobby

Please. We request all cell phones be left in lobby as they can be a distraction to you, other students and the teacher. Out of respect for everyone please leave your cell phone in the lobby. Also, please turn your ringer and alarms off and not to vibrate as this can also be heard in the studio if your bag is near a studio door. Our goal in yoga is to turn inward without distractions and nothing breaks the meditative state quicker than the sound of an alarm or phone ringing.

Observe Silence and Stillness in Savasana

Savasana is the sacred time at the end of class where the body, mind and spirit are able to soak up all of the beauty you just created. Practice silence and stillness during your savasana. If you think you need a few more poses to complete your practice, consider waiting until after class so that you’re not distracting others. If you must leave early, leave before savasana begins so that you are not disrupting the class or the teacher.

Tell Us About Your Injuries

Please. This is a serious one. We are not mindreaders and it’s important for us to be informed about your shoulder injury, high blood pressure, or that you are pregnant. You don’t have to tell us in front of the entire class but it’s crucial that we are informed of your well being so that we can help keep you safe.

Thank Your Teacher

Your teacher has invested time creating a sequence, theme, and music for your class as well as poured her/his heart out teaching while offering assists. Give them a big thank you at the end of class to show your gratitude!

– Keegan White, ERYT500

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