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Yoga with the girls

Within an hour of arrival on the first day, the girls began immediately asking “Yoga? Yoga” with huge smiles and nodding faces, they couldn’t wait to practice again since it had been a year since our last classes with them. Kristin taught the girls that had nowhere to go for “holiday”, and Noelle taught the biggest class yet with all of the girls of the orphanage-ages 5-18. Sister Valsa helped to translate, and the girls would often erupt in fits of laughter at their own lace of flexibility, and the partner work. Noelle couldn’t have been a better yoga ambassador with her “Peace” t-shirt and perma-grin at the front of the room. We also donated the yoga mats that we had been collecting in the states. After visiting Kaliyani’s mother’s home, and seeing the coconut tree leaves for her roof, we decided it would be best to donate the yoga mats to her mother to best use for her hut/home to somehow help during monsoon season.

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