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All About Stand-up Paddle Board Yoga (SUP Yoga)

One of the latest innovations in yoga practice is known as “SUP” yoga or stand-up paddle board yoga or SUPY. It is an amazing hybrid of stand-up paddle boarding and yoga, and it is being described as an excellent core workout. Practitioners of SUP yoga find the peacefulness of floating on water to be an amazing complement to the meditative mood of yoga.

The reason SUP is such a great workout is that it is much more challenging to maintain balance on a paddle board than on a yoga mat- the muscles must work harder and there’s the added dimension of staying afloat while maintaining yoga poses on the board. This can be very challenging- one will definitely feel the burn and tone up quickly. As for the learning curve…the good news is that if one takes a spill, there will be a “soft” landing in the water!

With SUP yoga, one does have to work much harder at maintaining balance than while doing yoga on a flat surface. Experienced practitioners will likely have developed great core strength to draw from. However, even for dedicated yoginis and yogis, getting started with SUP will no doubt be a challenge, shifting one’s yoga practice into overdrive.

If thinking of delving into SUP, here are some tips for getting started:

1. Paddle Board + Proper Instruction

The first step is to find a paddle board large enough to accommodate one’s favorite asanas. Go for a board with a non-slip surface. Next, hook up with an experienced instructor who will be able to offer guidance while acclimating to this new experience. Just like yoga classes in the studio, start out in a class for beginners.

2. Dressing for SUP

If it is warm out, dress light. A yoga practice can generate a lot of heat and sweat. Additionally, there is the likelihood of getting wet, so if possible, wear clothing that will dry quickly and won’t add weight when wet. Consider wearing a life jacket or personal flotation device, and in some regions and bodies of water, this will be mandatory.

3. Stay Hydrated!

Experienced yogis and yoginis are aware of how strenuous a yoga practice can be. Staying well hydrated is crucial in any physical activity, and this will be even more crucial when doing SUP yoga in hot, sunny conditions. Since it’s likely a bottle of water won’t be handy while out on the board, make sure prior hydration is a must!

4. Wear Sunscreen

If the sun is out, slather on the sunscreen. Keep as much skin protected as possible to avoid burning and sun damage. Go for waterproof sunscreen. Hats and sunglasses should probably be left at home, as they might get lost if one takes a spill.

5. Enjoy!

Take the time to appreciate everything about this experience — the water, the sunshine, the yoga, and being out in nature. This is a unique, restorative opportunity. There’s nothing quite like yoga or paddle boarding to ease stress and lift one’s mood, and combining the two has a truly blissful effect.

SUP is making a big impact in the yoga community, and some die-hard practitioners even choose to do SUP yoga year round, in cold weather. SUP yoga can be challenging, but the benefits are huge. It’s a great workout to tone up and boost balance, and doing it all on a stand-up paddle board is a very exhilarating experience.



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