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12 Day Fall Cleanse with Frances Murchison, ERYT200/RYT500

Transform your approach to health For many of us, back-to-school signifies a new season, perhaps even a new year. it’s a perfect time to reboot and re-energize your body with a nourishing cleanse. Crank up your energy with a 12-day liver detox  natural foods cleanse. When the liver is overburdened, the body holds on to toxins and […]

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Yoga Resources: Meditations from the Mat Book Review

When I first started practicing yoga, I was drawn to the physicality of the practice.  As a long time dancer, I welcomed the deep stretching and the free form movement vinyasa style of classes offered.  The spirituality of yoga has a way of seeping in sometimes slowly over time and others it comes like a […]

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Yoga Lifestyle: Blankies for Smartphones

When I was a kid I had a blankie that I carried around with me everywhere. It was a small soft cream blanket with satin edges encasing the warm fuzziness of security. I loved the feel of the silky hemming between my fingers and rubbed it so much that the trim fell off around three […]

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Detox Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Keegan White, ERYT500 – April 2017

Detoxify and Take Your Fitness to a New Level *300 Hour Service Leadership Track Required Training This yoga detox workshop will teach you asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), and various forms of movement that will help release built up toxins in the body, creating a cleansing effect and moving you towards clarity of the mind, […]

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The Yoga Way: Toward Psychological Health + Emotional Wellbeing with Holle Black, RYT500 – January 2017

Nurturing the Mind Benefits of Holle Black’s approach: This course gives a concentrated overview of the human condition from ancient yogic and modern psychological perspectives. We review yogic concepts related to understanding the mind, including koshas, kleshas, samskaras, and the gunas. We explore how these concepts fit together with western ideas of mind and how […]

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Conscious Cook: Gazpacho

Although the dog days of summer are winding down and coming to a close, the sultry heat is still lingering – especially during mid-day. It can be a bit unforgiving at times, but luckily for us there are tons of tricks that can help us during these intense heat waves. Ayurvedically speaking, when things get […]

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August Kunga Theme: Back To School! The ABC’s of Yoga as Service

Back To School! The ABC’s of Yoga as Service. As yoga practitioners in the west, we learn much about asana, the spine, the benefits of the physical practice to our cardiovascular, respiratory, & nervous systems. As we work to learn, integrate and share the benefits of our practice off the mat, from a spiritual heart […]

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10 Reasons to Incorporate Sun Salutations in Your Routine Everyday

Even if you don’t have time for a full hour yoga practice a day, incorporating a 20 minute practice of Sun Salutations in the morning is a great way to get the body moving and the mind connected before beginning your day.  Consistency is key!  Practicing 20 minutes a day is more beneficial than practicing […]

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Conscious Cook: Parsley + Mint Pesto

Putting a fresh spin on traditional basil pesto, our funky rendition is both simple to make and the brightest addition to any summer meal. It’s light enough to throw on just about anything (salads, veggie noodles, pasta…etc.) – but also incredibly satisfying to the tongue. Throwing a dinner party? Whip this up in a pinch […]

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Saucha: Happy sweating!

Have you ever been to a yoga class, been deep into the zone only to be brought out by the smell of something rancid? Your first thought is, “What is that smell?”. Your second thought is, “Is it me?”. Your third is based on fear, “Please don’t let that be me” or perhaps denial “the […]

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