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July Kunga Theme: 10 Minutes of Pranayama

Wilmington Yoga Center’s Kunga theme of the month is 10 Minutes of Pranayama! Controlling the power of the breath is the technique of “pranayama.” ”Prana” is the Sanskrit word for life force. This is the energy that exists everywhere and is manifested in each of us through the breath, but prana isn’t exactly the same […]

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AcroYoga Mini Workshop with Mercedes Saulsbury, RYT200 – July 2016

Solar dynamic postures & transitions, and lunar therapeutic flight Benefits of this program: community building body awareness building self-confidence establishing rust AcroYoga is a physical practice that blends yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage. It is practiced in pairs or groups of three in a safe, loving and supportive environment. AcroYoga is all about creating community […]

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Pose of the Week: Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend

Wide-Legged Seated Forward or Upavistha Konasana is a seated yoga posture that deeply stretches the inner groin and spine, while calming the mind. It is often practiced toward the end of a yoga class, when the body is warm, to prepare the body for even deeper forward folds. Begin by sitting in Dandasana (staff pose) […]

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Yoga off the Mat

Often times we arrive on our mats hoping that someday somehow we will finally find a way to be fully liberated from our physical limitations and perhaps even become one of those peaceful looking yogi’s wrapped up like a pretzel all over Instagram and Yoga Journal. After countless hours of stretching combine with conscious awareness […]

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Thai Massage Master Class with Deon de Wet, LMT – August 2016

Legs in the Supine + Prone positions This advanced level class takes a more in-depth look at how to vary and adjust the application of therapeutic techniques that have already been studied and practiced in earlier training, specifically as they pertain to the client’s Legs in the Supine & Prone positions. Additional techniques, different from […]

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Sitting is the new Smoking

“Sitting has become the new smoking.” At least that’s what one of my fellow yoga teachers says. Many of us sit at desks 8-10 hours a day, our commutes to work are becoming longer, and we spend hours watching tv and surfing the internet. We have become a society of sitters. According to Healthline.com, sitting […]

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Conscious Cooking: Quick, Easy + Vegan Dinner for 4!

It seems everywhere you turn there is more information about additives, preservatives, GMO’s, and other harmful ingredients lurking in our food. Couple that with our increasingly busy schedules, it makes for a challenging predicament to eat healthy in a flash. Here’s an easy, minimal ingredient, vegan, gluten-free recipe for those moments when you are in […]

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Pose of the Week: Setu Badhasana (Bridge Pose)

Setu Badhasana (pronounced set-too bah-dahs-anna), also known commonly as Bridge Pose, has many benefits.  This pose strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs and legs.  Bridge Pose tones the thighs, legs, internal organs and abdominal viscera (the internal organs enclosed within the abdominal cavity).  Setu Badhasana stretches your abdominal muscles and expands the […]

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June Kunga Theme: Motivation to Serve!

Wilmington Yoga Center’s Kunga theme of the month is Motivation to Serve! Motivation is a powerful tool for creating lasting personal change and for serving others. The extent to which we can sustain our motivation determines whether or not we realize our life goals for ourselves, and our goals for serving our family, our community, […]

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