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Category: Yoga Resources

Yoga Resources: Meditation

Meditation, or dhyana, is the process of quieting the mind and drawing inward. The ultimate goal of meditation is to connect to our true nature, which is described as peace, happiness or bliss. But finding this state of quiet and calm definitely is a practice – the mind has a mind of its own and […]

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6 Reasons Yoga Is Great For Weight Loss

Yoga is great for helping people lose and manage unwanted pounds and making people feel really good about themselves! Practicing yoga allows us to burn calories, build muscle and reduce overall body weight. One particular kind of yoga- Bikram Yoga- is an excellent style to choose when looking to lose weight. Bikram yoga is practiced […]

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An Introduction to 5Elements Water Flow

Each elemental practice at Wilmington Yoga Center is based on the five great elements of nature. These elements form the structure of the mind/body and the world surrounding all. A deeper understanding of the elements allows one’s yoga practice to evolve with changing seasons and life cycles and creates a foundation from which to sustain […]

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Yoga: Commit to one style or mix it up?

Practicing yoga is good for our minds and bodies. The practice of yoga combines deep breathing, meditation and physical exercise, which improve the health of the body while simultaneously reducing stress and helping to improve mental focus. Although every yoga style can help improve the body and mind to a certain degree, each style has […]

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Flexibility Has Its Advantages

Yoga invigorates the mind, body and soul. One of the physical benefits of practicing yoga is that it increases flexibility in the muscles, which can parlay into a variety of other health benefits. That being said, some might feel that flexibility isn’t important, not for them or they won’t want to make it a priority. […]

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An Introduction to 5Elements Earth Flow

All of nature is comprised of five basic elements: earth, water, air, fire and space. Exploring these elements allows yogis to incorporate the laws of nature into one’s yoga practice and achieve improved health benefits, knowledge and happiness. Each worldly element controls different structures in the body. Earth forms solid structures, like bones, flesh, skin […]

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What is Kripalu?

Kripalu is more than a style of yoga or a state of mind – it’s an entire mental, physical and spiritual experience along with an actual physical location. Kripalu is considered North America’s largest and most established retreat center for yoga and holistic health. The location in western Massachusetts attracts more than 25,000 students annually, […]

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Buying an Unlimited Yoga Studio Membership is a Must!

One could say that yoga is the perfect exercise. It’s fun, relaxing and beneficial- all at the same time. If one is serious about yoga, what better way to do it than at the local yoga studio? These days, yoga studios offer unlimited yoga studio memberships, which essentially mean that yogis can come and practice […]

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Yoga for Digestion

Digestion plays an important role in the absorption of nutrients. The digestive process allows our bodies to break down much needed nutrients in a way that allows one to properly absorb and utilize them. Yoga can help with one’s digestive process through specific poses and breathing techniques. One of the main breathing techniques that every […]

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What Are Chakras?

Often in yoga classes, students will hear the instructor talk about chakras. While some yogis may understand what the teacher is talking about, it might sound like a foreign language to others. So what is a chakra? A chakra is a vital energy center that resides in our bodies, that is not detectable by most modern […]

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