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While in India: Meet Lauren Hurley

Meet Lauren Hurley, a recent 200hr Kunga Yoga and Lifestyle Teacher Training graduate, who is on her way to India. I spoke with Lauren prior to her departure to give you a little background on her before she joins 14 other volunteers this year on our annual Kunga Journeys trip to Kerala, India to be […]

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Holiday party pose: Pincha mayurasana

Pincha Mayurasana, for me, is one of the more challenging inversions. There is something about being on the forearms that seems harder and just a little bit scarier than being on the hands. The first step to doing anything challenging is to believe in yourself. Downdog – start off in downward facing dog or Adho […]

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The most important asana in your practice

The most important pose in your yoga practice is Savasana (shah-VAHS-anna), derived from sava, the sanskrit word for “dead body.” Today we call it corpse pose. It is the easiest of yoga’s positions, physically speaking. Rather than twisting and stretching, students simply lie on their backs, taking as much or little space as they would […]

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The parent of virtues

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” — Albert Einstein Gratitude is not a thought. You can’t think yourself into being thankful. Gratitude is a conscious feeling and knowing in our breath, nervous system, and whole […]

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The space between

The tendency in our practice is to pay attention to the postures themselves and not so much to the spaces in between. In yoga, we await the cue for the next pose; we often rush to the next thing in our lives. We leave one relationship or job and immediately we are on to the […]

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Why I teach yoga

A fellow yoga instructor the other day asked me, “JJ, why do you teach yoga?” This question got me thinking a lot about why I am doing what I am doing. Teaching yoga is not just another job. This is a career for me. I am in it for the long haul and for the […]

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Stand up for the benefits of yoga

I am a firm believer in the benefits of yoga for any for any athlete. Standup paddlers are no exception. Paddleboarding targets many muscles of the body and is an incredible workout for the arms, core, shoulders, back, and legs. When you add yoga as a supplement to your sport you receive benefits that you […]

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Yoga: The fourth discipline for triathletes

Triathletes are rare because they compete at peak levels in three different sports. Training in swimming, biking, and running leaves little time for much else in their busy training schedule. Stress relief, increased strength, increased durability, increased flexibility, injury prevention and better mind-body awareness are a few of the benefits of having a consistent yoga […]

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Turn your world upside down

In yoga, an inversion is defined as any pose that takes the heart above the head. Inverted asanas are an extremely important group of postures. The more challenging advanced asanas like handstand, headstand, and forearm stand might come to mind at first, but down dog, standing forward fold, dolphin, shoulder stand, and legs-up-the-wall pose are […]

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Back to Basics: My Detox Journey

On September 7, Meg James embarked upon Wilmington Yoga Center’s 12-day cleanse developed and led by Frances Murchison, a natural foods liver detox program designed to relieve the body of toxins that cause symptoms such as sluggish metabolism, sugar cravings, fatigue, fuzzy thinking, and irritability, while giving the liver a much-needed respite and allowing the […]

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